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45 Coconut Puns To Pair With Your Next Poolside Cocktail Pic

Paradise found.

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Is there a more perfect way to embrace those chill summertime vibes than by sipping a fruity drink by the pool? Bonus points if you straight up stick a straw into a coconut and pretend you’re on an island vacation even when you’re just lounging in your backyard. Throw in some good coconut puns, and you’re ready for the perfect summertime photo opportunity. Having at least one coconut drink is essential to living your best life when you're experiencing warm weather, so you’ll definitely want to have some coconut captions for Instagram packed away with your fave sunnies and swimsuit.

You don't even have to be sipping from a coconut to enjoy the fruit. The sweet treat can also be the perfect topping on your acai bowl, or used to make some delicious macarons. The opportunities are seemingly endless, and you aren't against swooning over any variation of coconuts, especially during the summer. If you’re lucky enough to jet off to paradise on vacation, seas that opportunity to enjoy some coconuts.

In order to get all the likes you deserve on the ‘Gram, you’ll need the right coconut quotes to pair with your vacay photos. You may even need some coconut tree quotes for those adorable snaps of you relaxing in a hammock on the beach. Whatever the moment may be, use any of these 45 captions your followers will be coconuts about.

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  1. "The only time I feel at ease is swinging up and down in a coconut tree." — The Kinks, “Apeman”
  2. "I'll admit that I do quite like drinks that come in coconut shells. So there's always that." — Danica McKellar
  3. "The grass is in fact always greener underneath a coconut tree."
  4. "For I am coconut, and the heart of me is sweeter than you know." — Nikki Grimes
  5. "Coconut lover since Day 1."
  6. "Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's the coconut."
  7. "The definition of tasting paradise."
  8. "Sending my tastebuds to the Caribbean, be right back!"
  9. "All you need is love and coconuts."
  10. "A coconut a day keeps the doctors away."
  11. "I'm going cuckoo for coconuts."
  12. "Who knew you could hold a piece of paradise in your hands?"
  13. "There's not much that a coconut can't fix."
  14. "Coconuts: A first-class ticket to a shoreline."
  15. "Coconuts are the best cups a girl could ask for."
  16. "Let's go coconuts."
  17. "The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever."
  18. "The two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk." — Dustin Hoffman
  19. "Dreams are made of sun, sand, and coconuts."
  20. "I think my soulmate might be coconuts."
  21. "Don't worry — drink a coconut."
  22. "You can't beat the smell of coconut."
  23. "Living that coconut kinda life."
  24. "Is it even really a vacation without coconuts?"
  25. "Sipping on paradise until the last drop."
  26. "Paradise found."
  27. "Finding paradise wherever I go."
  28. "Cold coconuts and palm trees, please?"
  29. "I'm sorry for what I said when I ran out of coconuts."
  30. "Good vibes save lives."
  31. I’m coco-nuts for you.”
  32. “You’re the lime to my coconut.”
  33. Coconut trees and beach living dreams.”
  34. Life is better with coconuts.”
  35. Island breeze and coconut dreams.”
  36. “We blend well together.”
  37. “Acai a coconut in my future.”
  38. “I’m a tough nut to crack.”
  39. “Coconut? You mean drink holder.”
  40. “I’ve got 99 problems and coconut oil solved, like, 86 of them.”
  41. “Ready for some nature’s cereal.”
  42. “I’m like a coconut. I’m tough to crack, but super sweet on the inside.”
  43. “Talk to the palm.”
  44. “True love is one coconut and two straws.”
  45. “You had me at coconut.”

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