You and your friends will be on theme with these clever Halloween party group chat names.

70 Clever Halloween Party Group Chat Names To Keep In Touch Witch Your Crew

It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus.

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Halloween is right around the corner, which means the party invites may be starting to roll in. If you’re not sure where the night will take you, it’s a must to keep in touch with your main witches on their Oct. 31 whereabouts. Not only is a group chat essential for helping to finalize your plans, but it’s also perfect for coordinating what you’ll be wearing. Of course, with every good group chat, you also need a creative name. So, since you're all about that spooky season, consider some clever Halloween party group chat names for your crew to keep the convo right on theme.

If you don't already have a group chat with your besties going on, it's important to make one before Oct. 31. You definitely don’t want to be running around last minute, trying to get everyone together. You also don’t want to start a chat without some Halloween pun-inspired names ready to go. After all, having clever Halloween team names to use will save you the stress of coming up with a group chat name on the spot and will also make sure you’re not just texting in a generic chat with no fun moniker.

These Halloween group names can even be used for conversing with your work or school BFFs. Label your work besties’ Slack channel with a cute name, so you have an appropriate place to share your Halloween costume selfies or pumpkin patch pics. If you're using something like Facebook Messenger as your go-to texting medium, you could even kick off the Halloween vibes by changing the text color to purple or orange.

Of course, using any of these 70 Halloween group names will also put your crew in the right spooky spirit. These could even work as Halloween party names if you’re planning a small get-together and looking to send out the invites ASAP. Whatever you have planned, with a properly named chat, you’re sure to have a night full of tricks, treats, and texting nonstop.

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  1. Squad Ghouls
  2. My Ghoul Friends
  3. My Boos
  4. Wrap Party
  5. Skele-Fun Friends
  6. Fangtastic Friends
  7. Candy Corny Fun
  8. Where My Witches At?
  9. Witch Tracker
  10. Haunting With My Witches
  11. Vampire Slay All Day
  12. No Boo Sh*t Allowed
  13. The Coven
  14. My Boo Crew
  15. Here For The Boos
  16. Gourd Time With Friends
  17. We've Got Pumpkin To Talk About
  18. Carving Out Some Fun
  19. Let's Get That Black Flame Candle Lit
  20. The Sanderson Sisters
  21. Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus
  22. Go Big Or Gourd Home
  23. Here For The Tricks
  24. Trick Or Treat Ourselves
  25. We've Got It, We Haunt It
  26. Shake Your Boo-ty
  27. Creeping It Real
  28. Boo-tiful Friends
  29. Spooktacular Crew
  30. Not Your Basic Witches
  31. Spooktacular Group
  32. Wicked Awesome Friends
  33. Eye Love My Friends
  34. Get The Party Startled
  35. A Ghoul's Best Friends
  36. My Hallow-Queens
  37. UnBOOlievable Friends
  38. Boo-gie Witches
  39. Party Spirits
  40. No Ghosting Allowed
  41. Howl You Doin?
  42. A Scare Is Born
  43. Witchful Thinking
  44. Bone To Be Wild
  45. No Tricks Just Treats
  46. Main Witches
  47. Where My Ghouls At?
  48. FaBOOlous Friends
  49. Fangs For The Memories
  50. We Got Spirits, Yes We Do
  51. Here To Lift Your Spirits
  52. Too Cute To Spook
  53. Dying To Have Fun
  54. My ​​Eek-tastic Crew
  55. Fangs For Being My Friends
  56. Oh My Gourdness
  57. My Monster Mash
  58. Hanging Witch You
  59. You’ve Ghost To Be Kidding Me
  60. I’d Never Ghost You
  61. If You Got It, Haunt It
  62. Here For The Ghouls
  63. Curls For The Ghouls
  64. Bad and Boo-gie
  65. Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe
  66. Witch, Yasss!
  67. Scream Queens
  68. Cookies n’ Scream
  69. Creepin’ It Real
  70. Bad Witches Only

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