A woman enters the Boundless Bucket List contest for a free trip worth up to $50,000

You Could Win A Bucket List Trip Worth Up To $50K Anywhere In The World

You can finally bring your “wanderlust” Pinterest board to life.

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If you spend hours upon hours pinning wanderlust-worthy travel pics to your never-ending Pinterest board, you probably have a bunch of places you want to cross off your bucket list. Those spectacular destinations you’ve always dreamed of seeing are calling your name, but travel (especially now) can be super pricey and time-consuming to plan. What if you could jet-set this fall to anywhere in the world you want, on an adventure of a lifetime valued up to $50,000? Well, Marriott Bonvoy and Chase are partnering with actress and lifelong traveler Tia Mowry to make those dreams a reality by giving away three amazing trips with the Boundless Bucket List Contest.

This is your chance to fly anywhere on the globe you want and expand your horizons, so here’s how to enter the sweepstakes so you can finally tackle your travel bucket list. Whether you’ve always fantasized about seeing the Seven Wonders of the world, visiting a new hemisphere, or even leaving your country for the first time, this sweet sweepstakes will fly you wherever you desire. The three lucky winners will enjoy a variety of luxurious planned activities by FROSCH in their destinations, world-class dining experiences, and be able to choose between thousands of hotels to for their epic vacay stay. All you have to do to enter is prove you have a bad case of wanderlust, and Chase and Marriott Bonvoy may select you to embark on a whirlwind adventure this fall.

Until Oct. 6, you can enter the Boundless Bucket List Contest by submitting an entry form at Then, you’ll be prompted to create a Pinterest board that showcases your travel fantasies, kind of like a manifestation vision board. Make sure to include all the details of what you want your trip to look like, including your aspirational destinations, activities, hotels, travel companions, cuisine, and anything else that sparks your travel inspo. You’ll then turn in a one-minute video or a short essay with 700 words or less that explains why your bucket list trip is important to you and how you hope it will enrich your life. This is the chance to gush about how much you love to travel and why you deserve the trip of a lifetime. By Nov. 7, the winners will be notified to start packing their bags and head to the airport.


The Boundless Bucket List Contest is all about honoring the transformative power of travel, like that feeling of coming home after a major trip feeling inspired and renewed, and seeing the world with a fresh perspective. It’s always fun to get away from the stress of work and life, but venturing to a new dot on the map can really open your mind up to different cultures, introduce you to kind and interesting people, and remind you of the infinite beauties of life. “I’ve always loved traveling and, every so often, there’s an experience or destination that truly moves you,” Mowry said in a press release, adding, “For me, it was visiting Egypt and seeing first-hand the rich history the country embodies.” If you’ve been waiting for a chance to cross off your top destination off your bucket list, now’s the chance to enter your name in the ring.