Where to buy Nitro Pepsi for a unique take on the classic cola.

New Nitro Pepsi Is Here To Froth Up Your Soda-Sipping Experience

We stan a nitrogen widget.

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Pepsi’s new soda might remind you of your go-to cold brew or stout beer. That’s right, the company launched Nitro Pepsi, a nitrogen-infused soda, on Feb. 23. According to the company’s press release, it’s the first nitrogen-infused soft-drink of its kind. With soda history in the making, here’s everything you need to know about the new drink, including where to buy Nitro Pepsi for a unique take on the classic cola.

After the company teased Nitro Pepsi more than three years ago in 2019, new Nitro Pepsi is finally set to soon hit stores nationwide. The one-of-a-kind soda is a smooth, creamy take on the cola. Made with tiny nitrogen-infused bubbles (like, really tiny) to give the sip its refreshingly cool taste, every Pepsi Nitro is topped off with a frothy foam head for a cola that tastes like no other. Pepsi Nitro comes in two flavors, Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola.

Pepsi Nitro isn’t just unique in taste — it has its own look, too. The 13.65-ounce can looks different than your typical Pepsi can, thanks to the nitrogen widget that releases the nitrogen bubbles when you pop the top. Although Pepsi Nitro can be enjoyed straight from the can, Pepsi recommends enjoying it “hard pour” style, which means tipping the contents of the can into a glass without ice or a straw.

To try the innovative sensation for yourself, you can pre-order Pepsi Nitro. Starting Feb. 23, Pepsi stans and curious customers alike can pre-order Pepsi Nitro on for $24. Included in the Walmart pre-order is a 12-count variety pack of the Draft Cola and Vanilla Draft Cola flavors.

You don’t need to secure the pre-order to get a taste of the nitro-goodness, though, because Nitro Pepsi will be available at retailers nationwide, like Target and Walmart, beginning March 14. According to Pepsi, a single serve can will run you $2.29, while a 4-pack will cost $6.49. And don’t worry about fighting off other Pepsi fanatics for a can, because Pepsi Nitro is a permanent addition to the Pepsi roster.

Nitro Pepsi is about to take everything you know about soda and flip it on its head. Make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules before heading to the store to score a nitrogen-infused can for yourself.

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