Pepsi Is Releasing A Nitro-Infused Cola Drink For A Smoother, Creamier Sip

Courtesy of Pepsi

Pepsi is gearing up to introduce consumers to a new drink that is made with nitrogen technology. If you're not familiar with what happens when nitrogen is added to a drink, then your taste buds are in for a real treat. The addition of nitrogen gives the bubbly soda beverage a creamier and smoother texture as compared to the fizziness of regular soda. I haven't tried this new Nitro Pepsi drink yet, but I'm pretty intrigued by it.

Nitro Pepsi is not being sold in stores — yet. According to the soda company, Nitro Pepsi is being rolled out in small, sample phases. Pepsi is slowly introducing the world to Nitro Pepsi and tastes of the new drink will be distributed at the upcoming Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Sunday, Feb. 3. Pepsi will offer two flavors of the nitro-infused soda beverage including regular cola, as well as vanilla. So, if you are one of the lucky people that have tickets to the massive sporting event, make sure to seek out the Pepsi tent and take a sip for me.

When poured into a glass, Nitro Pepsi offers a creamy "cascading foam" that has a "unique texture and elevated experience," according to the company. If you're a diehard Pepsi drinker, you will likely still enjoy the nitro beverage. Although it's different than your usual sip, it still offers the familiar taste of Pepsi that you know and love.

Courtesy of Pepsi

“We couldn’t be more excited about how far we have come with the development of ‘Nitro Pepsi,’" Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing, Pepsi, said in a press release. “With Pepsi, we are going all in on delivering the most exciting experiences and offerings to our loyal fans – from engaging marketing programs to disruptive new product innovation. With the creation of the world’s first ever nitro-infused cola, we will be able to introduce a creamier, smoother product, reimagining cola in a way that only Pepsi can, to a whole new set of consumers.”

I've never had nitro-infused soda. I've had a few nitro beers before like Lefthand Brewing's Milk Stout Nitro, and in coffee form like the Nitro Cold Brew from Starbucks. I definitely remember the polished and velvety texture of both of these drinks, and it sounds like the composition of Nitro Pepsi isn't much different.

Courtesy of Pepsi

I always associate soda with a crisp and refreshing sip, but sometimes too much carbonation doesn't sit right with me. This is true, even more so, when I am super thirsty and guzzle down a can without coming up for air. Pepsi's Nitro-infused cola beverage cuts down on the bubbly effect while still offering the familiar tastes of soda. According to Pepsi, the new Nitro beverage has "smaller bubbles" and a "smooth texture."

Pepsi hasn't released any details as to when or if Pepsi Nitro will be released nationwide at any point in time. For now, the company plans to roll out the new beverage at large-scale events. Hopefully, if all goes well, cans of Pepsi Nitro will show up on store shelves sooner rather than later.