Spilling The Tea
Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury enjoy tea in 'Bridgerton' and inspire 'Bridgerton' tea party ideas ...
Host A Bridgerton Tea Party For Season 2 With These Cute TikTok Ideas

Even Queen Charlotte would find these ideas *tea*riffic

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Bridgerton seems to be the talk of the town — or at least social media — now that Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on Friday, March 25. The first season of the series had a dramatic impact on everything, from fashion and home decor. It made Regencycore an aesthetic to strive for, and something to inspire even your birthday parties and get togethers with your besties. To celebrate the premiere of Season 2, you may even want to take inspiration from Bridgerton tea party ideas on TikTok for your very own “remarkable coup of the season.”

A Bridgerton-inspired tea party is actually a cute way to celebrate new episodes with your roomies and BFFs. As you sip on some tea, you can spill some as well as you dish on your fave moments from your marathon-watch. These Bridgerton tea party TikToks may even give you some fresh ideas for a Bridgerton bridal party you’re planning. Of course, you don’t need an excuse to throw yourself a Bridgerton tea party. A high tea in the park can be a great alternative to your typical Sunday brunch, and the perfect opportunity to snap some Insta-worthy Regencycore pics for the ‘Gram as well.

Scrolling through these Bridgerton tea party ideas from TikTok, you’ll find inspiration for everything from table decor to finger sandwich recipes. All you need to do is find the right floral ‘fit or puffy sleeve dress to be the diamond of the season, and you’re ready to party like the queen.


Make It A Tea Party Picnic


If the weather is nice outside, you might want to make it a Bridgerton tea party picnic. Taking inspiration from TikToker @stephhhcardenas, set out a big blanket for all your friends to sit on. At the center of your blanket, have a a folding table ($199, Anthropologie) where you can set up your tea cups, cakes, and vases with flowers inside.


Dress The Part In Regency Style

This is your chance to dust off that fancy dress that’s been sitting in the back of your closet. A Bridgerton tea party is the perfect opportunity to wear your Regencycore dresses and long white gloves, as shown in TikToker @keelyncostello’s video. You can also hand out feather fans to your guests and light a few Bridgerton candles ($18) on Etsy to really set the mood.


Add Hanging Wisteria


TikToker @chelseaasoflate had a gorgeous hanging wisteria centerpiece over their Bridgerton tea party table. This is actually super easy to replicate. Just find some faux wisteria ($24, Michaels) and hang it from your ceiling with clear tape.


Include Bridgerton Props

A Bridgerton tea party must have some nods to the show in the decor. TikToker @iamemmamumford does this perfectly with bee napkins ($7, Amazon) and quote cards on the table. There are even some Bridgerton props ($7, Etsy) for a wisteria-covered photobooth corner.


Embrace Tea Cup Decor


For some Bridgerton tea party decor inspo, check out TikToker @wildmintpicnicexperience’s video. Some cute ideas include pearls on your cake stand and a glass cloche ($11, Crate & Barrel) filled with flowers. One super easy and adorable decor idea is to place some flowers in any leftover teacups that are stacked on top of each other.


Serve Bridgerton Tea Party Appetizers

If you’re looking for some delicious Bridgerton tea party appetizers to serve, TikToker @fatimasfabkitchen recommends cucumber sandwiches, samosas, and biscuits to dip in the tea. The biscuits really are a must, and you can even prepare a few different flavors to pair with the different teas you’ll be serving.


Use Rose-Shaped Sugar Cubes


One way to simply elevate your Bridgerton tea party is to have rose-shaped sugar cubes ($6, Etsy). TikToker @persianprincesshehe’s rose sugar cubes even match the roses on the tea party table as well.


Plan A Bridgerton Tea Party Tablescape

Your tea party table must be picture-perfect if you want to impress someone like Queen Charlotte. For an Insta-worthy tablescape, follow TikToker @talkingtables_tt’s lead. You’ll want to include flowers, candles, and pastel-colored cake stands. Having some floral and Regency era teacups and a teapot is also a plus.


Serve Flower Cupcakes


When it comes to Regencycore, the more florals, the better. Along with your hanging wisteria and vases filled with flowers on your table, you can also have some floral cupcakes like TikToker @wisteria_voyage. By following a tutorial, you can easily pipe out your icing in a flower petal design that’s almost too pretty to eat.


Include Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers

It wouldn’t be a Bridgerton tea party without some Lady Whistledown. Include Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers in your table decor by printing out personalized notes to your guests, like TikToker @haleyjohnson221. These papers can even be used as the menu card as you list out which teas and cakes you’ll be serving.

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