55 Bougie Things Under $25 On Amazon That Are Just So Damn Good

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If you have bougie aspirations and don’t necessarily know where or how to start elevating your lifestyle—or have limited funds to commit to the cause—we can help. There’s a range of products out there that can get you that luxurious, glam feeling of a bougie lifestyle but at a more modest price point, and we’ve compiled them into this thorough list to help you on your quest for a more swanky lifestyle.

Spoiler alert, there’s going to be some satin, faux fur, and crystals, along with a number of organizers that allow you to display all your favorite items in chic and fun ways (I’m personally obsessed with the velvet sunglasses case even though I don’t even own that many pairs). I’m also a big fan of the products that bring bougie vibes with you on the go, like the travel jewelry organizer and headrest hooks for hanging purses and shopping bags in your car.

So, grab some infused water if you’ve got some, maybe prepare yourself a cheeseboard, and slip into something that makes you feel fancy, so you can start manifesting those bougie vibes. There are enough ideas here to fill your own cart (or populate a wish list), and for gift ideas for lucky people in your life, too.

These Satin Pillowcases That Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

If you’ve been wanting to explore the many benefits of sleeping on silk for your hair and skin—or you already know them and just want to expand your collection— this affordable satin pillowcase set may be just the thing. Available in four different sizes and a whopping 24 colors, these pillowcases have a 4.5-star average from over 170,000 ratings and counting.

This Rosewater Toner That Smells Amazing

The manufacturer says that this witch hazel toner “removes surface impurities, and promotes a fresh-faced glow post-cleanse,” and the thousands of enthusiastic reviews seem to agree. In addition to the visible skin changes that many raved about, the fresh rosewater scent is a hit with a number of purchasers, too.

These Eye Patches Made With Literal Gold

Ah yes, more precious metals in my daily life, please. Made to fight dark circles and puffiness, these gold undereye patches also have hyaluronic acid and collagen to moisturize and firm skin. While the 24-carat gold might sound gimmicky, there are benefits of gold as a skincare ingredient, too.

This Folding Tray To Step Up Your Brunch Game

Part platter and part table, this versatile folding bamboo tray is both practical and functional. Use it in bed, on the couch, or anywhere you need a temporary surface (confession: I like to do nerdy crafts on my own various trays). The bamboo goes with a number of décor options, plus it’s water resistant and can be easily wiped clean.

A Rose Quartz Roller Set In The Prettiest Blush Pink

With a 4.6 average from over 21,000 reviews so far, this face roller and gua sha set has an enthusiastic following. Available in rose quartz and jade (white or green aventurine), face rollers like this one are said to help with circulation and puffiness when used regularly.

This Sleek Ceramic Mug Made For Your Cupholder

A BPA-free, dishwasher-safe travel mug? Yes, please. This ceramic one comes with a modern, silicon sleeve available in gray, purple, and teal. The lid is splash-resistant (not the same thing as leak-proof, so be warned), and according to the maker, will keep your drinks hot for twice as long as a standard mug.

A Hair Brush With Two Types Of Bristles And A Solid Wood Handle

With both boar bristles and nylon pins for detangling and smoothing, this hairbrush has earned a 4.7-star average from more than 12,000 ratings. One reviewer said they were “[s]o happy I ordered this brush ... I would definitely recommend.” It comes with a wide-toothed comb for styling, too.

This Serum That’ll Look As Good On The Shelf As It Feels On Your Skin

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or skincare by its packaging, but this essential oil serum may be the exception. The floating rosebuds inside the bottle are so cute, you might want to just keep it on display. But if you do opt to open it, it has eight essential oils and can be used on face, body, hair and nails.

These Socks That Moisturize Your Feet Without Overheating Them

Sandal enthusiasts, take note. These moisturizing socks are infused with lotion and have gel lining in the heels to keep lotion in place, soften feet, and soothe dry and cracked skin. The toes are open and material is vented, so feet stay cool when wearing them.

This Headrest Hook That Keeps Your Purse Within Reach

Gone are the days when you had to blindly fumble for your bag in the backseat of your car. This headrest hook secures to—you guessed it—your headrest, and can hold purses, bags, shopping totes, or whatever your heart desires. The best part? They snap right on.

An Extension Cord To Match Any Room Of Your House

If it’s impossible to hide wires in your space, why not embrace it and go for some cute ones? This braided extension cord comes in chic colors like heather gray, navy, and mint, and it offers 10 feet of length. Boasting super high ratings, it’s surge-protected, and the low-profile plug is non-bulky against the wall.

The Efficient Milk Frother That Has Multiple Styles And Colors To Choose From

This practical kitchen gadget has more than 30 colors and styles to choose from, including a rainbow of colors, seasonal themes, and even—wait for it—a unicorn design. But if you value function over form, this battery-powered handheld milk frother will still work for you, the 4.5-star average from 55,000 ratings can attest.

This Wine Gadget That Aerates As It Pours

Wine lovers (or friends of wine lovers who want to impress), take note. This aerator wine pourer is made to “infuse your wine with the optimal amount of oxygen,” and will save you time and effort as you pour straight from the bottle to the glass to enjoy. Plus, it’s designed to prevent leaks and drips.

A Stylish Throw Blanket That’s Super-Soft

Fuzzy blankets are bougie by definition, so take comfort (pun intended) in knowing this faux fur throw will keep you feeling cozy and swanky. It’s fleece on one side and fluffy fur on the other, and comes in multiple colors and sizes. Plus, it can be thrown in the wash on a gentle cycle for easy cleaning.

These Mirror Lights That Feel Straight Out Of Hollywood

Add movie star vibes to your home bathroom with a set of round mirror lights you can easily attach yourself with the included adhesive. The adjustable lights have ten levels of brightness, and one enthusiastic reviewer gushed, “these LED lights are PERFECT and budget friendly. I recommend them to everyone!”

This Portable Steamer That’s So Easy To Use

It’s hard to feel bougie if your clothes are wrinkly, but thankfully a lightweight, handheld steamer like this one can get them looking great again in no time. It heats up in no time, and holds enough water to produce steam for up to 15 minutes.

A Cute Storage Case That’s Perfect For Sunglasses

No more lost sunglasses when you have this cute glasses organizer to store them. With a faux leather exterior, the case has a lid to shield lenses from dust, and compartments lined in velvet to help prevent damage. It has space for up to eight pairs of specs and is a great way to keep track of all of them.

A Set Of Smooth Satin Sheets To Upgrate Your Bed

A set of satin sheets and pillowcases like this one can turn a regular mattress and pillows into a bed. This one has eight different colors and four sizes available (twin through king). Plus, they’re also stain- and winkle-resistant (and safe to machine wash and dry, too).

A Handsfree Tablet Holder You Can Angle However You Want

With a clip mount and a flexible arm, this phone and tablet holder allows you to set-up your device in the perfect way for handsfree watching, streaming, filming, or whatever else your heart desires. Reviewers especially liked this holder’s versatility, and noted how simple it was to install.

This Satin Robe That Will Make You Feel Ultra Fancy

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to upgrade your post-shower routine, look no further. Available in 40 different colors and patterns(!) and sizes S-XXXL, this satin robe is also a popular option for brides and bridal parties, as shown by the many reviewer photos. Plus, it has pockets.

A Foldable Jewelry Case With Spots For All Your Favorite Accessories

With an impressive 4.8-star average and 5,000 reviews so far, this travel jewelry organizer has many happy customers. It comes in three sizes and multiple color options, and each version has a variety of pockets, panels, and straps to protect and organize your jewelry, including an earring grid and snapping ring band.

A Glass Water Bottle With Rose Quartz To Elevate Your Water Situation

This glass and stainless steel water bottle holds rose quartz, a stone of “universal love.” It also comes with a silicon sleeve for protection, so you can bring it with you and enjoy the crystal’s healing and wellness properties wherever you are. Be ready for compliments on the pretty appearance of the bottle too—reviewers raved about how lovely it is in person.

This Comfy Bath Pillow To Turn Your Tub Into The Most Relaxing Place Ever

What’s better than a long, luxurious bath? A long, luxurious bath with a pillow. Of course, safety first—never sleep in the bathtub, friends. But you can, of course, relax to your heart’s content, and this luxe bath pillow will help with that. It adheres to your tub with suction cups, and can be removed for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

These Bath Bombs That Reveal Rings When They Dissolve

With these bath bombs, you can have the regular enjoyment of a bath bomb with the added bonus of new jewelry. Reviewers liked the scents, the moisturizing properties of the bath bombs, and the included rings. One commenter noted, “love them for myself and a great gift idea.”

A Cheese Board With Room For All Your Fav Foods

Presentation counts when it comes to food, so a cheese board like this one can make a big difference when you’re hosting a big group, having a small gathering, or just enjoying a cheese board on your own, as one does. This versatile set, made of bamboo, comes with coordinating utensils, olive bowls, and a knife holder that accommodates three of the included pieces.

These Himalayan Salt Light Bulbs That Cast A Gorgeous Amber Glow

This set of Himalayan salt light bulbs can work in most light fixtures, creating soft mood lighting that’s both “energy efficient and beautiful.” They’re dimmable so you can customize your space. Reviewers raved at at their calming and soothing effects, and how much of a difference these bulbs made in their homes.

A Super Soft Sleep Mask That Will Help You Get Your Beauty Rest

Most of us can agree that a good night’s sleep is invaluable, which is why a silk sleep mask like this one can be an important purchase. Made with hypoallergenic mulberry silk, It’s great for travel or use at home. Buyers especially appreciated how lightweight and soft it is.

A Modern Acrylic Organizer To Display Your Favorite Make-Up

A bathroom upgrade that gives off Sephora vibes? Yes please. This acrylic lip gloss holder has space for 24 tubes (or brushes, or pencils, or whatever else you can think of that comes in a similar shape), and allows you to display them in a neat and tidy way. Plus, the acrylic is durable and easy to wipe clean.

This Adorable Succulent Ring Holder That You Don’t Have To Water

This ceramic ring holder is equal parts practical and pretty. The leaves of the aloe plant can hold and display your favorite rings, or it can stand on its own as a decorative piece. It boasts a 4.8-star rating, with one top commenter summarizing it as, “Darling. Decorative. Useful.”

These Gorgeous Earrings That Can Pass For Real Diamonds

Why splurge for the real thing when these cute cubic zirconia studs are readily available? Whatever reasons you have for avoiding diamonds or preferring cubic zirconia, these earrings come highly recommended. Reviewers liked how shiny and sparkly they are, and how closely they resemble real diamonds.

A Set Of Magnetic Lashes That Gives You Day And Night Looks

If you’ve never tried magnetic eyeliner and lashes, they’re a popular alternative to traditional glue-on lashes. Buyers appreciated that this particular set is easy to use, that lashes stay put when applied correctly, and that different lengths are available. One enthusiastic reviewer summed them up as a, “Very pretty selection of lashes that are super easy to put on...a life saver for me.”

This Showerhead That Can Make Your Morning Routine Feel Like Vacation

The right fixtures can elevate your shower experience, and this stainless steel rainfall showerhead is no exception. With over 7,000 ratings and a 4.7 average (92% responses were 4- or 5-star), this showerhead has clearly won over many buyers. One happy commenter described it as, “a resort-like shower experience.”

A Contemporary Shower Shelf With Room For Everything

Keep your shower neat and your products within reach with a sleek adhesive shower shelf like this one. With nearly 20,000 reviews and a 4.8 star average, buyers raved about the durability and the easy installation. Plus, added hooks are perfect for razors, washcloths, and loofahs.

A High-Quality Soap From A Brand Focused On Sustainability

This versatile and luxurious bamboo charcoal soap bar can be used on face or body, with a variety of skin types. Not only that, it’s made with only active ingredients (no fillers). The Herbivore brand has also earned certifications for offering packaging that’s compact by design to reduce waste.

This Silicon Mold That Makes Diamond-Shaped Ice

Did you know you can add extra bling to your...beverages? This diamond ice cube tray creates ice in the shape of oversized gems to really step up your hydration situation. Plus, the silicon trays are stackable for an easy fit in your freezer. Each one makes four pieces.

These Color Changing Light Bulbs With Bluetooth Capabilities

A set of color changing light bulbs like these allow you to easily adjust the vibe of your room, and create special effects with options like a color-picking mode, scheduling and timer functions, and a music mode the can make the lights flash and pulse with songs. Buyers praised their ease of use and functionality.

A Scalp Massager That Feels Amazing

Recreate the care and attention of a salon shampoo with this silicon scalp massaging brush. More than 84,000 buyers (!) have contributed to its 4.7-star average, with commenters raving about how enjoyable and easy it is to use. One summarized it with, “I love this thing! ... It works so well! My scalp feels so clean!”

These Belts That Will Match All Your Favorite Outfits

Why settle for one belt when you can get four for a similar price? These skinny belts come in a nine different colors (arranged into sets of four), and two size options (25-31 inches and 32-42 inches). Plus, the metal buckle adds just the right amount of shine.

A Set Of Bangle Bracelets You Can Mix And Match

How many bangles are too many bangles? If your answer is ‘the limit does not exist,’ then you might appreciate this set of bracelets. You get a whopping 23 (!) bracelets to mix and match to your heart’s content. A heads-up that some reviewers were critical of the quality, but many gushed over them, too.

This Cute And Comfy Swim Cover-Up You Can Wear All Summer

Is there anything more bougie than swathing around in a flowy crochet cover-up like this one? Available in six colors and four sizes, it’s perfect for the beach or pool. Reviewers raved about how stylish and soft it is, and appreciated the functional drawstrings on each side.

These Battery Operated Candles That Can Pass For The Real Thing

Enjoy the ambience of a candle without the risk of fire with a set of flameless candles. This particular one offers nine different sizes, and comes with two remote controls. Settings allow you to imitate a flicker or have a steady light, and there’s even a timer function, too.

A Hair Treatment That Takes Just Seconds To Use

This hair rinse is meant to be applied to wet hair, massaged for eight seconds (the description is very clear about this!) and then rinsed. That’s it. And it’s effective on multiple hair types and lengths. One reviewer shared, “This product is so amazing and I will FOREVER be using this product in my hair regimen.”

This Compact and Quiet Humidifier You Can Travel With

If you live, or travel somewhere with dry air, a small, portable humidifier like this one may be a gamechanger. It has a USB charger and comes in six different color options to make it easy to find in your suitcase, or to match it to your space.

This Foot Peel Mask That Rivals The Best Pedicure

Like a spa treatment for your toes, this exfoliating foot peel is meant to moisturize and heal dry skin. One reviewer said, “my feet have not been this soft and smooth in years.” A heads-up, the results can be dramatic, so be sure to fully read instructions so you know what’s coming.

An Aromatherapy Room Spray That Smells Amazing

A room spray like this lavender one can freshen up your space in a matter of seconds. Not only that, there are some known benefits to the smell of lavender, too (though, there are other scents available if lavender isn’t your favorite). In addition to being made from therapeutic grade essential oils and infused water, the bottles are crafted from recycled materials.

A 10-Piece Set Of Makeup Brushes With Faux Crystal Handles

OK, OK, even though the handles on these make-up brushes aren’t actually crystal, they are still gorgeous. Ten different brushes come in this set, including two different eyeshadow brushes and a fan brush. One buyer summed them up as, “princess worthy quality.” Not sure about you, but I’d be tempted to display them.

This Moisturizing Serum That Smells Like Roses

If pink is your color, you may want this rose face serum on your shelf. Made with hydrating rose extract, it can moisturize and hydrate skin, and smells amazing. (Note that some reviewers mentioned bottles that leaked in the packaging, but the company says they’re readily available to handle that and replace for anyone who contacts them).

A Face Powder That You Can Use For Multiple Makeup Techniques

It’s hard to go wrong with a fan favorite like this loose translucent face powder. It can “smooth and soften the appearance of your skin” and can be used for setting, or for baking your makeup for that flawless finish. More than 71,000 ratings (and counting) have averaged to 4.5 stars.

This Eyelash Curler That Uses Heat To Set Your Lashes

Unlike the traditional clamp style, this heated eyelash curler is shaped like a mascara wand. It heats up in seconds, has three temperature settings, and charges by USB. As always, be careful using anything hot or warm by your eyes, but know that you’ll be in good company if you do try a heated eyelash curler.

Super Soft Slippers That Show Off Your Pedicure

Fuzzy slippers that don’t overheat feet are the dream, aren’t they? According to the 12,000+ ratings that have garnered this pair of furry slippers a 4.6-star average, they might actually be a reality now. Available in seven colors (one for every day of the week!), the fluffy top and memory foam sole will keep you cozy and bougie in the comfort of your home.

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