Blue Christmas trees are in for 2021, according to experts and TikTokers.
Experts And TikTokers Agree, *This* Color Christmas Tree Is The Way To Go In 2021

It’s time to have a blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.

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If you haven’t put up your holiday decor by now, it is officially time to do so. The countdown to Christmas has begun, and this year, experts and TikTokers agree that blue Christmas trees (and blue holiday decor) are the way to go for 2021. You may already have your go-to decorations and Christmas tree traditions, but if you’re looking for the most Insta-worthy Tannenbaum in town, blue is the shade for you.

It seems Elvis was right all along about that whole blue Christmas thing, and holiday decor experts from Treetopia and Balsam Hill are on board that “blue is the color of Christmas” in 2021. Creative TikTokers have definitely taken this to heart, and scrolling through the festive side of your FYP, you’ll find tons of inspiration for how to add that gorgeous shade from baby blue to darker tones to your Christmas tree at home. All you need are some on-hue ornaments and garlands. Of course, you can also invest in a blue Christmas tree ($150, Treetopia) so you start with a base that’s already right on theme.

Since your tree is typically the centerpiece of your decor, you want it to stand out in your living room. The goal is to have all your friends, family, and guests walk in and want to snap a pic of your tree right away. It can even be used as the backdrop to your holiday card photos that you send to everyone in your contact list. You just need to throw on some Christmas music, pull out the ornaments, and start decorating. For some fresh ideas, check out these eight blue Christmas tree TikToks for decorating tips and tricks.

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Blue And Gold Go So Well Together

If you’re starting out with a blue Christmas tree, you might want to use only gold ornaments. As you can see from TikToker @werchristmas’s video, the color combo is gorgeous and the gold decor really pops off the blue base. Luckily, it’s super easy to find an assortment of gold decor from all your favorite stores like these glitter gold ornaments from Target for only $5.

Blue Ribbon Can Really Pack A Punch

One way to add some blue to your Christmas tree is with ribbon. As demonstrated by TikToker @mywellihousedecor, you can fill in your tree with yards of large decorative ribbon. This snowflake blue ribbon ($4, JOANN) will make your tree look like it’s covered in sparkly snow.

White And Blue Is Also A Winning Combo

While blue and gold is royal and regal, white and blue has a merry and bright vibe to it. Feel free to mix and match your white decor with some blue, like TikToker @zamarachinique does. You can even wrap some blue garland ($30, Belk) around your white tree or Walmart has this white tree with blue lights ($39) that’ll look great with blue ornaments as well.

Just Have A Blue Tree

The easiest way to fit the blue Christmas tree trend is to just get yourself a blue tree. As long as you have the right colored tree, you can hang any ornament you want on it, like TikToker @pixidust1911 does. Treetopia even has a few different shades of blue trees to choose from.

Any Shade Works

Blue has so many hues to it, so find a shade that matches your Christmas aesthetic. TikToker @maggies2021 has some blue Christmas tree inspo for every shade, from teal to dark blue. Once you’ve picked a color you like, add it to your tree with ornaments or some blue lights ($8, Party City).

Blue Lights Go A Long Way

One way to get the blue hue you want is to just wrap your tree in blue Christmas lights. TikToker @brooke000629’s white tree has a blue glow to it thanks to some string lights ($3, Lowe’s) and silver and blue ornaments. You can also add a blue tree skirt ($18, Bed Bath & Beyond) as well.

Make It A “Blue Christmas” Tree

If “Blue Christmas” by Elvis is your favorite holiday song, go all in with the blue Christmas tree theme like TikToker @chicaandjo. This “Blue Christmas” tree utilizes records and Elvis ornaments to match the song. DIY some record ornaments of your own with cutouts ($6, Amazon) and string. Graceland even has this blue suede shoes ornament ($11, Graceland) that is adorable and fits the color theme perfectly.

Paint Your Tree Blue

If painting the roses red was good enough for the Queen of Hearts, painting your Christmas tree blue is good enough for you. Follow TikToker @sharpzzz01’s lead by spray painting your Christmas tree to give it that blue color you’re looking for. This is best if you already have a tree at home and just want to DIY a blue tree instead of having to buy another one.

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