These Best Friend Halloween Costumes 2022 include matching ideas.
12 Best Friend Halloween 2022 Costumes For Double The Slay

BBF: Best Boos Forever.

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“Over your dead body” will you be attending any Halloween costume party without your bestie, because the slay just isn’t as fierce without them by your side. It’s so fun to dress in coordinating costumes on Halloween because the two looks will double the exciting effect of a conceptual or nostalgic costume idea. You also can express your individual personalities with dynamic duo costumes, like letting everyone know who’s the angel and who’s the devil in your forever friendship. If you and your bestie have tons of Halloween parties and activities to attend but not enough costume ideas, we’ve got you covered with these 12 best friend Halloween 2022 costumes for your iconic duo.

From cult-favorite horror movies like Jennifer’s Body to sweet and sentimental Halloween staples like It’s The Great Charlie Brown, there are so many different stories of friendship you can recreate from pop culture. The options are limitless when it comes to brunette and blonde power duos from TV series, like iconic Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl, or friends-turned-foes Maddy and Cassie from this year’s season of Euphoria. You can go glam or gory, creepy or cute, but one thing’s for sure: you two are going to slay. Keep scrolling for these iconic best friend Halloween 2022 costumes ideas and inspiration.

Cosmo And Wanda From The Fairly Odd Parents

Fairies are usually a trendy costume on Halloween, so why not rep everyone’s favorite fairy godparents? Going as Cosmo and Wanda is such a cute idea because one bestie can go green while the other dresses in head-to-toe pink. All you really need is colored wigs, homemade yellow crowns and wands, and fairy wings.

Maddy And Cassie From Euphoria

Maddy and Cassie from Euphoria will go down in history as 2022’s most viral frenemies. If you’re part of a blonde and brunette duo, definitely tap into their bestie beef this Halloween. There are so many looks you two can recreate, like the iconic scene when Cassie shows up in a matching tracksuit to imitate Maddy, or in the bathroom when Maddy says Cassie looks like a “country music star.”

“Rep” Your Favorite Taylor Swift Eras

What happens when two Swifties become BFFs? They’ll never stop debating which Taylor Swift era is the best. October 2022 basically belongs to Taylor Swift anyway, because her new album Midnights is set to drop right before Halloween. You can “rep” your favorite aesthetic era in a conceptual costume, whether you go all-gold for Fearless, wrap yourself in a red scarf for Red, dress up in black, silver, and snake jewelry for Reputation, or stay cozy in flannel inspired by Evermore.

Harley Quinn And The Joker
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You two jokesters are definitely going to cause some chaos on Halloween night — as you should. Go as each other’s charismatic wingman and wreak havoc over your city with colorful wigs and wacky outfits.

Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie From The Simple Life

Paris and Nicole from The Simple Life are known to be goofy and fun like you and your bestie, plus their style is so Y2K goals. You’re guaranteed to have a wild time and snap some “hot” photos throughout the night in this duo costume. You can recreate their famous American Gothic inspired poster for the reality show with overalls and a pink bikini top for the Nicole of your pair, and a denim skirt set and a small stuffed animal puppy (or your real one) for Paris.

Cher And Dionne From Clueless

Spending Halloween without your bestie? Ugh, as if! Cher and Dionne is a stylish and cool costume to do with your other half because they each have iconic outfits that are instantly recognizable. You’ll definitely want to pull together knee socks, preppy button downs, and plaid pieces in their signature colors.

Thing 1 And Thing 2

You’re friends probably call you guys “Thing 1 and Thing 2” anyway, so you might as well go as the blue-haired trouble-making twins from The Cat In The Hat. Besides grabbing blue wigs from the Halloween store, you’ll just need an all-red outfit, whether that be a body suit, cozy onesie, or long dress you can attach your “Thing X” label to.

Angel And Devil

An angel and devil duo costume is a Halloween staple for a reason. You can really put together your look to your individual styles as long as you stick with the red and white colors and recognizable accessories of horns and wings. It’s a cute way to show off your bestie dynamic, especially if one of you is sweet and the other’s a little mischievous.

Jennifer And Anita From Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body is a cult-classic Halloween horror movie full of high school tropes and boy-eating feminists. Jennifer and Anita are a classic representation of the popular and nerdy girl bestie duo, and you can pull from so many memorable Y2K outfits in the film. You can do the concert scene, where Jennifer wears a white puffer and hoops and Anita’s in her glasses and a bomber jacket, or you can recreate the looks from the battle in the pool during the dance, where the two girls’ frilly dresses get drenched in blood. Bonus points if you have matching “BFF” lockets to add to the costume.

Charlie Brown And Snoopy

Snoopy is definitely the ultimate “man’s best friend” when it comes to his love for Charlie Brown, and you and your bestie definitely give off the same sidekick vibes for one another. You can take inspo from the classic Halloween film It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, where “Snoopy” can dress in an aviator helmet and scarf and Charlie can carry around a paper bag filled with rocks.

Black Swan And White Swan
Black Swan and White Swan is a best friend costume idea for Halloween 2022.

It’s totally cool that you and your best friend are polar opposites, and it’s probably why you play off each other so well in the first place. Embrace your bestie duality by going as black and white swans for Halloween with fluffy feathers and fun eye makeup.

Blair And Serena From Gossip Girl
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You and your bestie are strong forces of nature in your own right with standout personal style, just like Blair and Serena from Gossip Girl. Their outfits are more simple to recreate than you think — for Blair, stick to berets, headbands, bright colors, and long coats, and for Serena, go for airy skirts, wavy hair, metallic fabrics, and statement jewelry. And definitely accessorize both costumes with big purses and as many luxe shopping bags as you can (you can store candy in them).

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