If you're dressing up as Batgirl for Halloween, use these bat costume captions for Instagram.

28 Captions For Bat Halloween Costumes That'll Be Love At First Bite On The ‘Gram

For when you’re bat to the bone.

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With the spookiest night of the year just around the corner, chances are you might be drawing inspiration from one of Halloween’s most infamous winged creatures for your costume. A bat is easily one of the most iconic symbols of the holiday, and it’s so easy to make a bat costume your own by going for a classic disguise or putting a pop culture-inspired twist on it. When you’re ready to post your best Batgirl OOTD pics or a spooky photo dump highlighting your bat-tastic makeup and accessories on Halloween, you’ll need one of these captions for bat costumes to draw plenty of likes from your *fang* club.

Before you’re ready to share some bat puns on Halloween, you need to set the stage. For one, your Halloween party won’t be complete without plenty of bat-inspired decor throughout your home. For an easy (and budget-friendly) decor accent, try this dollar store TikTok hack that makes it looks like bats are flying into your home from your fireplace. You could also try adding plastic bat toppers to your straws to complement a spook-tastic cocktail, or keep any blood-thirsty guests at bay with some bat-inspired cupcakes or cake pops. After all, who isn’t batty for treats? As the host with the most, you can also get in on the theme by sharing your own take on Batman’s signature head-to-toe black outfit complete with a cape and mask, or channel a vampire bat with spooky makeup, faux fangs and blood, and a bat ears headband. If you aren’t really into scary disguises, you could put more of a cute spin on the bat costume by doing a party animals theme with your friends.

The possibilities are endless, and once you have your Halloween costume figured out, you’ll be busy on All Hallows’ Eve taking plenty of TikToks of your spooky #lewk, snapping lots of selfies with your BFFs, and getting into the spirit of the holiday. So busy, in fact, that having these captions for bat costumes on hand will ensure you can actually share your pics to Instagram right as they happen.

  1. “Feeling batty.”
  2. “It was love at first bite.”
  3. “Bat to the bone.”
  4. “Sometimes it be like bat.”
  5. “You’re just my (blood) type.”
  6. “I’m a sucker for Halloween.”
  7. “The Batstreet Boys.” (For a group costume.)
  8. “Blood sisters.”
  9. “Hangin’ with the crew.”
  10. “Having a battitude this Halloween.”
  11. “Keep calm and fly.”
  12. “I’m so fly.”
  13. “Posting my Halloween ‘fit for the fang club.”
  14. “Your worst bat-mare.”
  15. “Feeling bloody fine.”
  16. “All I need is my own Batmobile.”
  17. “Batty for treats.”
  18. “The blood is the life!” — Bram Stoker, Dracula
  19. “Come over for a bite.”
  20. “Bite me.”
  21. “You and me could write a bat romance.”
  22. “Impressive wingspan.”
  23. “Just winging it.”
  24. “Driving people batty since [INSERT YEAR].”
  25. “Na na na na na na na na, me.”
  26. “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” The Dark Knight
  27. “He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”The Dark Knight
  28. “The suit is literal perfection." "It will be, when it fits a woman." Batgirl (TV series)

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