A woman doing barre exercises for arms you can do at home with weights.

This Quick Barre Exercise For Your Arms Is Super Easy To Do At Home

This expert-approved workout should take you less than five minutes.

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Sometimes, you’re just looking for a quick full body 15-minute workout to feel better overall, while other times, you may have certain areas of your body you want to focus on. For stronger deltoids, triceps, and biceps, you’ll want to try some quick barre exercises for arms you can do at home.

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Elite Daily spoke with Alo Moves barre instructor and licensed acupuncturist, Emily Sferra, who teaches a Daily Barre Burn class and shared eight barre arm exercises that you can do anywhere in your home. All you need are a pair of two to five pound weights that can be made out of water bottles or cans, and a setup where you can freely move.

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