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August 16 Will Be The Wildest Week For Everyone, Thanks To The Blue Moon

These three signs will love every minute of it.

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Get ready for what could be the wildest week of the month. Seriously, the upcoming astrology is jam-packed with moments so intense that they might just take your breath away. Leo season is definitely in full heat and your inner lion is baring its teeth, preparing itself to roar. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of August 16, 2021 — Leo, Virgo, and Libra — then you’ll feel this rush of cosmic energy the most.

This week begins with a beautiful shift in the stars. As romantic Venus enters Libra — its home zodiac sign — a profoundly glamorous and charming transit will commence. When Venus is in Libra, your relationships begin to blossom like roses, reminding you that it’s the people you share your life with who really make it worthwhile.

By Aug. 18, levels of intensity will reach boiling points as talkative Mercury joins forces with passionate Mars. This could give you laser focus as well as a powerful blast of motivation. This intensity could just as easily leave you feeling impulsive, especially when communicating your thoughts, needs, and desires. As the sun opposes expansive Jupiter on Aug. 19, you may feel more indulgent as you begin to crave adventures and new experiences. The world is your oyster. Why not reach out and grab the pearl?

As if this week weren’t already hectic enough, the second Aquarius full moon of Leo season — because one Aquarius full moon apparently wasn’t enough — will take place on Aug. 22. This full moon (aka blue moon) will join forces with Jupiter, increasing your need for something larger than life and revealing all the ways you can make life feel more vivid.

Here’s what these zodiac signs can look forward to:

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Leo: Your Relationships Are Taking On New Meanings

Take a good look at the people who are currently at the forefront of your life, Leo. Who are you falling in love with? Who are you befriending? Who are you disagreeing with? Who are you connected to on an emotional level? You may be reaching major milestones in your relationships as the story that you share with someone begins to develop. You’re learning so much about who you are as a partner and how you can improve your partnerships for the future to come.

Virgo: You’re Discovering So Many New Paths To Embark On

You may feel as though a wave of energy is crashing through you, Virgo. If you put this energy to good use, it could catapult you to great lengths, helping you tackle important tasks, boost your confidence, and get your point across. By Aug. 22, you may even find yourself making important headway as you become a trailblazer in whatever it is you’re so passionate about. Whether you’re concocting brilliant new ideas or you’re simply embracing an open mind, you might be on the verge of a major discovery.

Libra: You’re Feeling More Attractive And Even More Desirable

Guess what, Libra? As of this week, you’re embracing what could be the most beautiful time of year for you (aside from Libra season, of course). Your beautiful, romantic, and luxurious ruling planet is officially in your zodiac sign. There’s no one who will benefit more from the Venus in Libra experience more than you. There’s a strong chance you’ll be feeling yourself a whole lot more than usual as you notice how attractive, glamorous, and worthy of love you truly are.