The 'Alice in Wonderland' bar in NYC has immersive experiences and a Cheshire Cat wall.

This Alice In Wonderland Pop-Up Bar In NYC Serves A Smoking Teapot Cocktail

Don’t be late to grab your tickets and go down the rabbit hole.

Feeling curious and ready to journey down the rabbit hole? If your answer is yes, you’re in for a real treat. From now through Nov. 30, New Yorkers and tourists in the NYC area will have to the opportunity to visit an all-new Alice in Wonderland bar, where they can taste tea-rrific cocktails, paint the roses red, and take part in other immersive experiences. The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience hosted by Explore Hidden promises to take guests on a “90-minute topsy-turvy journey into the magical realm of Wonderland” that’s hosted by the Mad Hatter himself.

Guests who snag a $50 ticket will be treated to a Mad Hatter tea party where you’ll get to mix up two unique Wonderland tea cocktails to enjoy along with some “Eat Me” cake. Hopefully, these cakes won’t cause you to grow or shrink, but you can guarantee they’ll be tasty AF. Plus, judging by the Instagram of the Wonderland Bar’s Sydney location, the drinks they’re mixing up are seriously photo-worthy. The smoking teapot cocktail is a must-see, so you’ll definitely want to bring along your camera for some sippin’ selfies for the ‘Gram. After all, in Alice’s own words: “How can one possibly pay attention to an *Instagram* with no pictures in it?” That’s what she said, right?

Explore Hidden

When you enter the Alice in Wonderland bar, you’ll truly feel like you’ve stumbled into the Lewis Carroll tale. With floating teapots and vines everywhere and a Cheshire Cat-inspired wall keeping an eye on you, there are plenty of photo spots for you and your besties. Decor details at your table include adorable centerpieces and floral tablecloths that give off major cottagecore vibes. Get a cute snap of you holding up your teacup and post it with some lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “Wonderland” as your caption. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring out your cutest cocktail dress or colorful jumpsuit, or even finally debut your dream Selkie puff dress.

However, drinking and taking Insta-worthy snaps won’t be the only fun thing about visiting the Wonderland Bar. You’ll also be challenged to solve different riddles and paint the roses red just like Alice had to in her story. The whole event is also hosted by the Mad Hatter who will make you feel like you fit right in.

Instead of following the White Rabbit down a mysterious hole, you’ll be able to find the Alice in Wonderland bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan at the Pekarna NYC event space, according to Travel + Leisure. For indoor activities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that even if you are fully vaccinated, you should continue to wear a mask when you’re not eating. In NYC specifically, you will need to show proof of vaccination prior to entering the indoor dining area. Luckily, Etsy has some really cute Alice in Wonderland masks ($10, Etsy), so you’re right on theme.

Explore Hidden

There will be a limited number of tickets with two evening time slots per day for you to choose from. This immersive experience is expected to run Sept. 23 through Nov. 30, so you definitely don’t want to be late like the White Rabbit and miss your chance to visit the Wonderland Bar. Escape the real world for a bit, just like Alice, and plan a tea-rrific day for you and your besties that includes a stop at The Alice: An Immersive Cocktail Experience. Just don’t forget to bring your camera, your curiosity, and crew for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Wonderland.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.