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Love Gilmore Girls? These 11 Airbnbs Will Transport You To Stars Hollow

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Autumn was made for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy oversized sweaters, and a marathon-watch of every Gilmore Girls episode ever. Of course, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life showed fans that every season can be a Gilmore Girls one, but there’s just something about the fall that makes it the perfect time to visit Stars Hollow. Just imagine drinking Luke’s Diner coffee while walking through town as everyone is setting up for the Autumn Festival. While Stars Hollow may be a fictional place, there are Gilmore Girls-inspired Airbnbs in Connecticut you can visit IRL to feel just like Lorelai and Rory.

Actually, a Gilmore Girls weekend getaway with your bestie sounds like the perfect way to kick off the PSL season. Stay at a cozy Airbnb in Connecticut that either gives off Dragonfly Inn vibes or reminds you of the Gilmore home in Stars Hollow. When you’re not drinking coffee and eating PopTarts while wrapped in a blanket, you can explore any local diners or antique stores like Mrs. Kim’s. Keep in mind the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends you should delay any travel plans until you’re fully vaccinated, but a lowkey retreat with the Lane to your Rory sounds like the ideal vacay. Just make sure to follow all local COVID-19 protocols.

Depending on where you end up, you could attend a fall festival similar to one of the many festivals Stars Hollow puts on every year, or you could make a run to the closest Doose's Market to grab tons of snacks for a movie night in. The first step in planning a Gilmore Girls fall trip is picking out one of these 10 cozy Airbnbs in Connecticut. After that, the rest of the plans are sure to fall into place.

This Yellow Farmhouse In Litchfield Looks Like Lorelai's Home

This yellow riverfront farmhouse is giving off major Lorelai Gilmore house vibes. On the inside, this three-bedroom home looks just like a charming bed and breakfast you won't want to leave. There’s also a beautiful garden right along the Bantam River you can explore if you’d like to take a hike in the crisp fall air. Let’s not forget the Litchfield town center nearby that you can walk around as you pretend you’re exploring Stars Hollow.

This Cottage In Cornwall Is The Coziest Escape

This little cottage in Cornwall is too cute for words. It's the perfect romantic getaway for the Luke to your Lorelai. You could even cook up a delicious meal and play house for the weekend, just like when Rory made dinner for Dean in the "That Damn Donna Reed" episode. This sweet escape is also great for anyone who loves reading just as much as Rory, because you can spend your days just getting lost in a juicy novel on the front porch.

Stay At A Real-Life Dragonfly Inn In Norwich

I'm sure you've daydreamed about staying at the Dragonfly Inn and having a delicious meal cooked for you by Sookie herself. Well, you may not be able to stay at the actual Stars Hollow Dragonfly Inn, but you can stay at an Airbnb that shares its grounds with the Spa at Norwich Inn and gives off major Dragonfly Inn vibes with access to spa amenities. So, if you're looking for a true Gilmore Girls getaway, head to this Airbnb which boasts afternoon tea and scones as well as nightly wine tastings.

This Country Oasis In Washington Has The Perfect Reading Spots

You and your crew should escape your busy city life for the weekend and head to this country oasis in Washington, Connecticut. Actually, Washington prides itself on being the place where Amy Sherman-Palladino visited when she got the inspiration for Gilmore Girls. You’ll really feel like you’re in Stars Hollow as you visit the nearby Marty’s Cafe for breakfast or stop at The Hickory Stick Bookshop for a new read. You may even find the perfect reading tree, similar to Rory’s at Yale, in the gorgeous backyard of your Airbnb.

Live Like Richard And Emily At The Charles Cheney Inn In Manchester

If you'd rather live like Richard and Emily Gilmore, you'll love the Charles Cheney Inn in Manchester. You and your partner can stay in a private room in this extravagant home where you’ll want to snap tons of Insta pics of the gorgeous antiques. Maybe even have yourself your very own Friday night dinner, complete with red wine and gossip.

This Historic Home In New Haven Was Made For Your Entire Crew

If you're looking for a place where your entire Gilmore Girls crew can stay, this historic home in New Haven comfortably sleeps up to six guests. This renovated 1920s Tudor home definitely has that sophisticated New England feel to it, so go ahead and throw a cute AF tea party with your besties, similar to what Emily and her DAR group would do. You’ll also be super close to Yale, so make a trip to visit campus and pretend you’re Rory heading off to class.

This Home In Litchfield Is Steps Away From The Town Center

Being so close that you could just walk into town is one of the biggest perks of staying at this renovated cottage in Litchfield, Connecticut. Many reviewers have said this rustic home is steps away from restaurants, so you can go out and explore your own version of Stars Hollow to find something delicious to eat. You could even order take out to enjoy back in your two-bedroom home away from home.

This Farm Guest House In New Milford Is Near The Perfect Gilmore Girls Gazebo

When you think of Stars Hollow, the first thing you think of may be the gazebo. After all, it’s an iconic landmark in the show. While the actual gazebo is located at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, CA, the New Milford town green has an almost identical, picture-perfect gazebo you can visit IRL. When you’re not getting cozy with your besties on the front porch of your Airbnb farm house, take a trip into town for a Gilmore Girls-inspired photoshoot near the gazebo.

This Cozy Home In New Haven Has A Front Porch Lorelai Would Love

The first thing you may notice about this cozy home in New Haven is its gorgeous front porch. It’ll almost remind you of Lorelai’s massive front porch on her Stars Hollow home or maybe even the Dragonfly Inn. With the crisp fall air, just imagine how amazing it’ll be to wake up each morning and enjoy your cup of coffee while rocking in a rocking chair. You could even stop by The Yale Bookstore to pick up an oversized sweater to keep you extra warm.

This Massive Home In New Milford Has A Fire Pit For S’mores

Considering this house in New Milford can sleep up to seven guests, you really can invite your entire Gilmore Girls crew to get away with you. By day, go on a Gilmore Girls tour of Connecticut and walk around the town of New Milford. Don’t forget to stop at Theo’s Downtown Diner for lunch and drive by the Canterbury School, which just screams Chilton. Then, at night, you can relax in your Airbnb and even enjoy the fire pit outside with some delicious s’mores.

This Village Garden Townhouse In Kent Is Peak Coziness

Kent is another Stars Hollow-esque town you’ve got to check out on your Gilmore Girls weekend, and this village townhouse is the perfect place to stay while you’re there. With games like Scrabble and a cute back patio to enjoy, you may not want to leave your Airbnb. However, you’ll definitely want to explore the town as well and check out places like the Cornwall Inn that has very Dragonfly Inn vibes and shops like Rolling River Antiques.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.

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