Airbnb's Split Stays feature allows you to stay in more than one home during long stays.

Airbnb’s New Split Stays Feature Is The Update That’ll Maximize Your Wanderlust

It’s like receiving your very own travel itinerary.

Courtesy of Airbnb

The wanderlust is real right now and you may be itchy to plan your next bucket list getaway. Luckily, when it comes to where to stay during your next vacay, Airbnb always has your back. Between the one-of-a-kind stays and the large selection of homes all over the world, the popularity of Airbnb shows no signs of slowing down. To meet the needs of every traveler using Airbnb, the site recently unveiled a few new additions, and Airbnb’s Split Stays feature is perfect for anyone planning a long getaway.

As many people are looking to plan their first big vacation in years, they’re also planning to go all out. That means instead of just a weekend away, people are looking into a week-long or even a month-long adventure in 2022, according to findings shared in a press release.

To get the most (and see the most) during your stay, Airbnb is now offering Split Stays, which allows users planning longer trips to split their time between two homes.

What Is Airbnb’s Split Stays Feature?

Courtesy of Airbnb

Airbnb’s new Split Stays feature is exactly what it sounds like. You will now have the option to split your stay between two different homes in the same area. This allows you to see and experience more during your vacation. While you may have a home you love, most Airbnb users are looking for unique places to stay in and want to see as many as they can. If you happen to have your eyes on two different homes, Split Stays will allow you to experience both of them during one trip. In addition, this feature also comes in handy when an Airbnb you want to book isn’t available for the whole time you need to book.

You can also search within 14 different categories when looking for homes through Airbnb’s Split Stays feature that include Camping, National Parks, Skiing, and Surfing. These categories will help you find two homes that fit the vibe of your planned vacay. Also, using Airbnb’s Split Stays will offer you around 40% more listings during your search, so it’ll make planning your trip easier than ever.

How Does The Split Stays Feature Work?

Courtesy of Airbnb

In order to enable the Split Stays feature on Airbnb, all you need to do is search for a vacation longer than one week. When scrolling through your options, you may see a Split Stay choice. This will tell you which two homes you can split your time between and the price for both. It’s basically like your very own travel itinerary.

If you have a hard time making decisions, the Airbnb Split Stays feature will help. Plus, the all-new Airbnb Categories you can filter your search through will narrow down your selection even more.

If you’re searching through the map on Airbnb, Split Stays will show you a line between your two homes so you can see just how far away they are from each other. It’ll also show you how long you’ll be staying in each place. Then, once you’ve picked out the Split Stay of your vacay dreams, Airbnb will guide you as you book each home. With how easy Airbnb is making it for you to get away, you might as well start thinking about where you’d like to travel to next.

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