5 Cute Things That All Friend Groups Can Share, Just Like 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants'

by Kristin Corpuz
Warner Bros.

Let's see a show of hands: Who else wanted to hang out with a friend crew like the girls in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? I know I did. I wanted a group of three girls who I shared all my secrets with, and I also wanted a pair of magical pants that we could bring around the world on our epic adventures. But even if your girl squad doesn't have a pair of jeans like the one in the movie, you definitely have more than a few options if you're looking for that special something to share with the group. Here are a few cute things that all friend groups can share, just like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

You can pass around a cool suitcase that travels with all of you, or your group can share a nice keepsake box as a joint housewarming gift whenever someone moves into a new place. Your girls are some of the best people you know, so whatever item you decide on, you'll be happy to have a little piece of them that you can hold onto forever. Remember: pants = love. Love your gal pals, and love yourself. Check out these five sweet ideas that'll keep you bonded.

A Duffel Bag That Goes Around The World On Your Adventures
Lexia Frank / Stocksy

You and your girls are serious wanderlusters, so what better way to feel the spirit of your friend group than by literally bringing their travels with you?

Pick out a cool duffel bag, rolling suitcase, or backpack that you love, and make an agreement to leave a piece of your travels on the bag — whether it's a cute sticker from London, or a friendship bracelet from Thailand tied onto the handle.

If you want to play by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants rules, you're not allowed to clean it at all. So if your bestie accidentally drops it when she's hiking Machu Picchu, all of that goodness is staying on there forever.

A Hair Barrette That Each Of You Can Wear On Your Wedding Day
Amir Kaljikovic / Stocksy

There's nothing better to calm your pre-wedding jitters than knowing you're going to have your besties with you. And even if they're going to be standing right by your side in your bridal party, it'll be really special for all of you to have something to wear on each of your wedding days. Find a simple barrette that will fit any hairstyle that you pick, so you can bring your besties with you as you get ready, walk down the aisle, and say "I do."

An Oversized Hoodie To Wear When You Need A Hug
T-REX & Flower / Stocksy

Sometimes, when you're having a stressful day, all you want is a hug from your best friend. If you can't be with them in person, the next best thing that you could have is a cozy, oversized sweatshirt that kind of smells like all of your friends wrapped into one.

Take turns passing around the sweatshirt so that you can use it whenever you need a little extra comfort from your friends. Like the duffel bag, you're all required to leave a little something special on it. (Maybe you write each other words of wisdom in fabric marker on the inside of it, so the messages are exclusive to your group of girlfriends.)

A Keepsake Box That Goes Into Every New Apartment In Your Friend Group
Z Gallerie

It's not uncommon for millennials to move around a lot. It's often difficult knowing how to decorate a new place, but something your friend group can do to make that space feel a little more like home, is to have a keepsake box that you pass around.

Pick out something chic and trendy, like this gorgeous marble-patterned one from Z Gallerie, that will match all of your decor. You can each leave something inside the box to pass on to the next person.

A Pen And Diary, So You Can Share Your Thoughts The Old-Fashioned Way
Milles Studio / Stocksy

In this age of technology — with texting and social media being frequent methods of communication — the art of journaling has kind of gone out of style. A way that you and your friend group can keep in touch the old-fashioned way is to have a pen and diary that you pass around.

Keep the journal for a few weeks at a time, and write down a few thoughts, words of wisdom, and even some juicy gossip that you can document on paper. At the end of the year, you'll have a book full of memories, and you can start up a new journal in the new year.