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Two sisters celebrate their birthday with a post to Instagram with 22nd birthday captions.

35 Captions For Your 22nd Birthday And Sharing Your Next Chapter On Insta

Someone cue up “22” by Taylor Swift.

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It’s time to dance around and make a wish before blowing out the candles, because you’re turning 22. You know it’s an iconic age when Ms. Taylor Swift wrote an entire song about how great it feels to be 22. In fact, you can use some of those song lyrics along with other 22nd birthday quotes and captions to capture this momentous time on Instagram or TikTok.

A few birthday selfies are a must, after all. You have to show off to your friends and followers just how you’re celebrating your big day and what you’re wearing. For a birthday OOTD selfie, you’ll need some iconic 22nd birthday quotes, and a few 22nd birthday Instagram captions are perfect for pairing with your party pic photo dump. You could also do a cute side-by-side photo of you as a baby with a recent snap to really show off your birthday glow up. Even foodies need some good birthday captions for pics of their cake and Boomerangs of them toasting with champagne.

Whether you’re dressing up like hipsters and dancing around like Taylor Swift’s “22” music video, getting dinner with your fam, or just having a cozy night in with your besties, you’ll be able to use these 35 22nd birthday captions for any snaps you take.

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  1. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.” — Taylor Swift, “22 (Taylor’s Version)”
  2. “Here’s 2 a year that’s 2 good 2 to be true.”
  3. “Started from the bottom, now I’m 22.”
  4. “Starting my 22nd chapter.”
  5. “It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters.” — Taylor Swift, “22 (Taylor’s Version)”
  6. “Happy one year anniversary of being able to drink champagne.”
  7. “Cheers to 22 years.”
  8. “Yeah, we're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.” — Taylor Swift, “22 (Taylor’s Version)”
  9. “I could get used to 22.”
  10. “I’m ready for something new now that I’m 22.”
  11. “It’s my birthday, where’s the cake?”
  12. “When she was 22, the future looked bright.” — Lily Allen, “22”
  13. “How can a person know everything at 18 but nothing at 22?” — Taylor Swift featuring Phoebe Bridgers, “Nothing New (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)”
  14. “The sound is so cute when you’re 22.” — The Flaming Lips, “When Yer Twenty Two”
  15. “I’m 22 now but I won’t be for long.” — Simon & Garfunkel, “Leaves That Are Green”
  16. “I’m supposed to be the one getting presents, but here’s selfie gift for you.”
  17. “You think after 22 years I’d be used to the spin.” — Bright Eyes, “Land Locked Blues”
  18. “Hugs, kisses, and 22 birthday wishes.”
  19. “I hope my cake is as sweet as I look.”
  20. “I’m officially the big 2-2.”
  21. “It's miserable and magical, oh yeah.” — Taylor Swift, “22 (Taylor’s Version)”
  22. “I’m officially in birthday mode. #22”
  23. “22 looks good on me.”
  24. “I really feel like 22 is going to be my year.”
  25. “Taylor Swift was right about 22.”
  26. “Celebrating 22 years of life.”
  27. “TBH I’m most excited about the cake.”
  28. “I’m ready to partyyy!” — Bridesmaids
  29. “We’re gonna party like it’s my birthday!”
  30. “Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.”
  31. “Have you wished me a happy birthday yet?”
  32. “22 years of me. Lucky you.”
  33. “On this day, a legend was born.”
  34. “Woke up a little older today.”
  35. “Alexa, play ‘22’ by Taylor Swift.”