5 Bachelorette Party Trends You’re Going To See This Year

What guests really want.

by Isabella Biedenharn
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Your calendar is probably already filling up with weddings for the year, and that means the bachelorette parties are not far behind. But weeklong blowouts, strip club excursions, and pricey dinners seem to be on the outs, according to data from a new OnePoll survey for CheapCaribbean.

What these parties look like may be changing, but rest assured, newly engaged folks: The last fling before the ring isn’t going anywhere. In fact, OnePoll found that two in five people (42%) think that bachelor and bachelorette parties are more memorable than the wedding itself. (Maybe don’t tell that to your wedding planner?)

So what do guests really want now? OnePoll’s data suggests Americans are craving fun, budget-friendly weekends filled with memorable moments and easy access to activities, either in a big city or an all-inclusive resort (or hotel sleepover).

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party or just attending, we’re breaking down the top five trends you can expect to see this year.

1. Budgets Will Be Top Of Mind

The average American will attend three bachelor or bachelorette parties in their lifetime — and as much as you love your friends, spending thousands on each of them adds up quickly. Instead, guests expects to spend about $313 at a bach party, and luckily, there’s plenty of fun to be had on a budget. Some ways to keep costs down include staying within driving distance (42% of OnePoll’s survey respondents would prefer a local party anyway), making custom shirts with a guest’s Cricut machine, and choosing low-cost (and high-thrill) activities like axe-throwing, dancing, and catching live music.

2. Relaxation Will Be A Key Theme

When it comes to the agenda, half of OnePoll’s respondents prefer an even split between relaxing and doing activities. But if you have to pick one, err on the side of relaxation: 27% of people would rather just chill. Here’s to choosing hotel pools over a night at the club and beach bonfires over bar hopping.

3. Location Is Everything

It’s not just the bride who wants to relax and have fun: Guests prefer to cut down on the decision making, too. OnePoll found that 27% of guests would rather stay at an all-inclusive resort so they don’t have to worry about anything — or visit a big city with a host of things to do (16%), like bach party mainstays Miami or Nashville.

Cities are fairly obvious, but all-inclusive could mean a range of things, from a resort in Cabo to a lake house with a fully-stocked fridge and a waterslide.

4. Penis Straws Are Out, Personality Is In

These days, pre-wedding celebrations are less focused on sex. OnePoll found that people find bachelorette (and bachelor) parties more fun (58%) and memorable (44%) than raunchy (13%) or cheesy (12%). 42% of women are over going to gentlemen’s clubs and are kissing explicitly themed items (29%) and casinos (22%) goodbye.

The most memorable parties are the most creative, with themes that will make the bride’s year — like dressing as her in various life stages or creating a memory book complete with Polaroids from the trip.

5. Slumber Party Vibes Will Take Center Stage

38% of OnePoll’s respondents want to lean into the best part of getting together with all your friends: having a big sleepover. For many, that means playing dress-up, having singalongs, and making videos that will have the group in tears laughing. And if you have to leave the house, you can find creative ways to keep the party exclusive — like dressing as grandmas so you don’t get hit on.

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