10 Christmas Presents Every '90s Baby Wanted Growing Up & I'm Nostalgic AF

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The holiday season is meant for spending time with your family and friends. That means also looking back on memories from past Christmases, and remembering what you asked Santa for each year. I remember getting my wish list all organized for that big trip to the mall to visit jolly old St. Nick, and hoping everything I asked for would appear under my tree come Dec. 25. Looking back at some Christmas presents every '90s baby wanted growing up makes me feel nostalgic AF.

Growing up, there were the "it" toys every kid wanted to get for Christmas. In the '90s, it was the Tickle Me Elmo and Barbie Dream House. Those were obvious picks on your list, but you might be forgetting these other '90s must-haves that you were begging your parents for. Maybe you scored real big on Christmas day, and ended up getting everything on this list. If that's the case, consider me super jealous.

This list is giving me so much inspo, and I'm honestly considering changing up my wish list this year to include a few of them. Also, my one mission the minute I get home for the holidays is to dig around my closet for some of these toys to fulfill my #throwback needs.

An American Girl Doll
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Growing up, you and your friends loved deciding which American Girl doll each of you were most like. When you saw your very own doll sitting under the Christmas tree, it felt like the best thing ever.

Nowadays, girls can create their own dolls that look exactly like them, and there are American Girl salons where you and your doll can get a makeover.

Baby Born

Next to American Girl dolls, you wanted to complete the squad with Baby Born. This doll was all the hype when we were little kids. You could feed her, and she even cried and went to the bathroom.

A Razor Scooter With Your Favorite Color Wheels

You were a super cool kid on the block if you ditched your bike for a Razor scooter. You could scoot around the neighborhood with your friends like you owned the place. The best part was picking out the coolest wheels for your scooter.

Every Instrument For A Guitar Hero Jam Sesh

You and your friends always wanted to go over to the friend's house that had Guitar Hero. You could spend hours just jamming out to the Ramones. That's why you always begged your parents for Guitar Hero, so you could have the "cool house."

A Bubble Watch With Your Favorite '90s Characters

Long before everyone wished for an Apple Watch for Christmas, you hoped to get a bubble watch. You know those dome-like watches you could get with all of your favorite '90s characters like Rugrats or Power Rangers. You were less excited about telling the time, and more about moving whatever was floating around in your watch.

Butterfly Clips To Keep Your Updos Colorful

I still have butterfly clips on my wish list this year. Not only could you clip back your hair for that cool '90s hair twist, but you could do it with cute AF butterfly clips. I'm thankful that trends from the '90s are making comebacks, because you can get a pack of butterfly clips on Amazon to share with your besties.

A Tamagotchi

You surely remember the Tamagotchi fad from the '90s. All of your friends had to have one. I remember loving my Tamagotchi so much that I even convinced my mom to babysit it for me while I was at school. (Mom, you're the real MVP.)

An Easy Bake Oven

I remember the year I got my Easy Bake Oven. I couldn't stop "baking" mini desserts for my family. Now, I question how you could make so many desserts with just a simple light bulb, but there's no denying they were delicious. (If only adult baking was as easy as just adding water!)

An Entire Polly Pocket World

Nowadays, Polly's had a bit of a makeover, but I remember when she was so small, you could literally carry her around in your pocket. Growing up, you wanted (and might have received) one of those compact-looking cases that opened up to reveal an entire Polly Pocket world.

I remember one year, Santa truly made my dreams come true by getting me the Pollyville superset. Needless to say, that was my peak Christmas present year.

A Furby

The Furby fad of the '90s was all too real, and everyone had to have one. Before there was Alexa, you'd spend hours talking gibberish to your Furby. Sure, you never truly understood what the heck this cute little robot was saying, but you loved it anyway.

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