You're The Fun One: 10 Reasons Nothing Beats Being An Aunt Or Uncle

by Marnie Nathanson

When your brother or sister brings a human into the world, it's one of the craziest things you'll experience in life.

They created a human that definitely looks like them, and he or she maybe even kind of looks like you.

Weird. But hey, guess what? You've just been upgraded to the most badass position in the world: aunt or uncle.

Nervous? No worries. Psyched? Sweet!

Here are 10 reasons why being an aunt or uncle is literally the best job ever.

1. You're the cool one.

No need to play good cop, bad cop. Kids get so excited when they can call, FaceTime or see their aunt or uncle.

Why? Because you don't yell at them.

You're just there to have infinite amounts of fun. And you're always game for anything.

2. You spoil them.

Birthdays, holidays or even random visits are special because aunts and uncles usually come with presents and treats that are off-limits in their day-to-day lives.

Does Mommy take them to get ice cream? Maybe. But, it's definitely not the extra large anything they want on a cone with two toppings treat.

3. It's your job to break them a little.

Does their daddy teach them all the words to "Baby Got Back?" Absolutely not.

But does the aunt or uncle? Obviously. And there are dance moves as well as video evidence.

Aunts and uncles are the risk takers. We chase them around the backyard. We take them on roller coasters. We make silly arts and craft projects, and we dress up like idiots together.

4. Your time is special time.

There's nothing like a snuggle session with your aunt or uncle. The bond is so strong because, again, this is the child of your sibling.

You want what's best for your nephew or niece, and your time with him or her is very important. The love you have for this child is indescribable.

5. They're kind of like your pimp.

Math quiz! If a woman gets a text from a guy she's into with a picture of him and his niece having a tea party, how fast do her panties drop? I rest my case.

6. Your parents lay off you a little.

When a baby comes into the family, something happens to the grandparents. They turn into drooling zombie baby lovers, and they have tunnel vision to sniff the skin of the new child.

This is your chance! Here is when you ask your parents to approve something that would otherwise be dismissed.

Ask for money! Ask to travel the world! Ask to move in with them! (Well, don't do that. Be a big boy or girl, and get your own space.)

Use this to your advantage! They are under a spell.

7. You bond with your sibling.

As the family expands, the birth parents develop a sense of protectiveness that may leak onto you. Just embrace it.

Your brother or sister will quickly realize you don't spend enough time together, or you don't talk as often or as deeply enough.

They will stop texting, and they will start calling. They will FaceTime with the baby, like, a lot. You'll get pictures all day. You'll get updated about their poop schedule.

It might be annoying, but use this special time to love your sibling. He or she is tired and emotional, and probably needs you.

8. Kids help you figure out your life.

A newborn will either scare the crap out of you, or make you evaluate your own life.

A birth will kick you into gear, and it will help you focus on things like a career, relationship goals and your own plans.

Do you want to do something crazy before kids? Do you even want kids? Is your job flexible enough for a family in the future?

9. Your camera is filled with happiness.

Having a crappy day? Take a look at your phone. One glimpse at a picture of your niece or nephew will put you in a good mood.

There are so many articles out about how looking at baby animals helps to improve concentration. It's kind of the same thing with a kid, right? Now, go crush that midterm exam.

10. You get to return him or her.

Enough said.