Your Youth Is A Time To Embrace Patience; Don't Rush It

There’s no hiding the fact that we live in a society that glorifies two words: “busy” and “now.” When asked, “How are you?” it seems that many of us have traded “Good, how are you?” for “Ugh, SO busy.”

As we make our way through our 20s (and probably our 30s, too), we’re doing all we can to figure it out what we want in life. It can be hectic. As an entrepreneur and small business owner in my mid-20s, believe me... I get it. Whether it’s finals season or seizing an exciting new opportunity, it’s easy to employ the “I’m so busy” crutch.

In many ways, our society has actually devalued the art of stillness and waiting. Here’s why you should boycott being busy and thrive on patience instead:

You don’t want to miss the little things.

When you become swept up in anxiety about all you have to do, you stop living for the present and start living for the future, instead. Don’t. Not only will you miss your favorite song on the radio, you’ll forfeit your nephew’s birthday party, a girl’s night out and worse, your sanity. We live for the experiences and who wants to tempt migraines and ulcers? Grab a book, sit by the water and force yourself to read for 20 minutes. I dare you.

You’re not done growing up.

Sorry, but it’s true. You might think you have all the answers, and while that might sometimes be the case, you probably don’t. Wisdom comes with time, so slow down and embrace ignorance. It’s blissful.

You don’t want to alienate those who love you most.

Stop telling everyone how unavailable you are because you just have to get X, Y and Z done. Frame it more positively and offer up times that do work to get together. Remember that we’re all in this together and chances are that a friend extending an offer for a coffee date had to rearrange her schedule, too. Time with friends and family is more important than client meetings, so carve out space in your day planner each week for face time with your favorite people.

You won’t get everything done today, anyway.

You’re a human, not a superhero. When your to-do list is taller than you are, it’s important to manage your time and not become overwhelmed to the point that absolutely nothing gets accomplished. Consider breaking down your to-do list by day, week and month. The last thing that you want to do is probably the first thing you should do.

You can’t afford it.

Physically, mentally and financially — every facet of your life will start to suffer if you try and pounce on any and every opportunity.

Don’t run yourself into the ground. Trust that you will be rewarded for your hard work, but also trust that it might take time. And that's okay.

You deserve to be picky.

As a toddler, every other word that left your mouth was probably "NO!" So, why is it so hard to say those two simple letters now? It’s time you stop settling and start exercising your excellent tastes. Something better will come along — a better offer, a better opportunity, a better boyfriend. If you don’t have refined tastes, you won’t have refined experiences. Trust your gut instinct.

As much as I cringe at the thought of using a cliché, patience really is a virtue. It’s not the only virtue, of course, but when we let patience into our lives, other virtues start to seep from our pores, too. Virtues like passion, trust and success.

Photo via Blue Devil Tumblr