5 Ways A Younger Sister Will Never Stop Learning From Her Brothers

by Emily Tyree
20th Century Fox

No one quite understands a relationship between a big brother and little sister.

We’ve been through it all together. I’ve watched you go through your derelict years, and you watched me go through mine.

There may be a big age gap between us, but you know me better than I know myself. You were the first guys I ever loved and the first guys I ever fought with.

You may push me down, but as soon I’m down, you lift me right back up. You are a little sister’s superhero, and although I may not tell you enough, here are some things I want you — my inimitable older brothers — to know:

1. I am so proud of you.

I’ve had the best time watching you grow into the men you are, and your accomplishments are something I want to run around and tell the whole wide world. And I do.

There is nothing better than bragging about your cool and sophisticated older brothers. You gave me confidence I didn’t know I had, and you lift me up when I feel dismayed or frustrated. You inspire me to try harder, be better and never give up.

2. Your brotherly instincts never cease to amaze me.

You know exactly when I’m uncomfortable and when I’m content. Growing up, you knew when I was scared, and you knew inviting me into your room to watch you play video games was exactly what I needed.

You guided me to the wall of the pool when you could tell I was getting exhausted in the deep end. And somehow, when I was in a bad mood, you knew exactly why and would repeatedly ask, “What did he do? Tell me what he did.”

3. Thank you for never letting a boy be good enough for me.

Thank you for always making sure I’m a classy girl in public and for always letting me hang out with you and your friends (even though you really didn’t want me there).

Growing up around you made me comfortable around older men, but you also showed me how to interact with them. It's a trait that's very important to my — and every girl’s — safety.

Plus, having all your friends say hi to me in the junior and senior high hallways always put a smile on my face. It also made me feel like the coolest girl in school.

4. You made me tough.

You’re the only guys who have any right to make fun of me, and you most definitely take advantage of that. At times, me being a girl meant nothing to you. You antagonized me better than anyone ever could.

When you threw me around and made fun of me, I cried to Mom about it. Then, she told me I would get a thick skin. She was right.

You would mess with me on the regular. You would make unfair trades with me (I somehow believed trading a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy for $5 was completely reasonable), and then you'd make it worse by saying, "Black, black, no trade backs."

Yet, if someone outside the family dared to mess with me like that, you would be the first one there to take care of it.

5. You'll always be my big brothers, and I'll never stop needing you.

Even though you’re older now, moved out and may soon start families of your own, no matter what, you’re a part of what made me who I am today. I love you unconditionally for that.

Every lesson you taught me molded me into the strong, positive woman I am. You truly shaped my outlook on life, and I can hardly wait to watch you raise your own children the same way.

No matter where life takes us, I appreciate hearing your input and advice on any and all aspects of my life, even if I may not act like I do.

You make me feel safe. You will always be the first one I call when I’m in trouble or need help, even if it’s just for assistance on my college papers.

Our hellos and goodbyes may be high fives instead of hugs, and our times together may be spent nitpicking each other’s lives, but at the end of the day, there is no one else I would rather grow up looking up to (literally and figuratively).