How To Get The Most Out Of Being Young


It’s 2013. You’re 20 years old and 2012 wasn’t the year you thought it would be. Right now, you’re probably scrambling to come up with a suitable plan to live up to your “I’m Still Young” title.

Can’t think of anything worthwhile? I think it's time to try retooling some of your methods for embracing this pivotal and exciting time of your life this upcoming year.


The Spring Break adventures in Cabo San Lucas were fun, I’m sure, but let’s think outside of the box. Travel to a European destination to broaden your horizons.

Not only will it make you a more cultured individual, but the chaos that ensues overseas will provide you with stories that destroy any of your roommates Spring Break escapades. Not sure where to go? Take a look at Prague, Rome and of course, Amsterdam.

Date Around

We’re not saying that you should have relations with everything that walks. Our advice is simple: don’t stay tied down in a long term relationship. Monotony is not entirely healthy for your youth.

Diversity in dating is important because you’ll experience what many different types of people are like and finally hone in on who you would really like marry. That is, if you want to marry.

NOTE: This is not your cue to become a serial dater. We’re just saying you should experience what the world has to offer before you settle down.

Stay in School

This is obvious. School presents many opportunities for everyone, so it’s extremely important that you take advantage of them. As you get older, it’s harder to go back to school because of adulthood obligations (children, full-time jobs).

Maximize your potential early on. You can study abroad, grab internships from respectable companies and understand what is required of you to truly succeed in the field you feel most comfortable in. Plus, you'll make plenty of friends and build a network worth keeping for a lifetime.

 Showcase Your Independence

This is the most important word to America’s youth. Straight arrows have always told us that we won’t make use of our individuality. Well folks, this is your time to prove the naysayers wrong.

The age on your driver’s license and the fact that you have your own living space does not scream independence. ACT! Make moves, take educated risks.

You have the opportunity to prove your conservative elders wrong by handling your business without running back to Mommy and Daddy. You can gain so much respect from those above you and they won’t feel the need to treat you like a child.

Jamiel Sale | Elite.