5 Animal Friendships That Are More Supportive Than Any Relationship You've Had

by Rosey Baker

Honestly I have been obsessed with animal friendships since the dawn of the internet.

However, if you brought in an analyst to interpret my internet usage, it would quickly be noticed that my search history for "unique animal friendships" peaks after every breakup.

Whether the breakup is personal, business or romantically related, something about the bond between a tiger and a lamb really inspires me.

Here are just a few animal friendships that symbolize my #squadgoals.

Tinni The Dog and Sniffer The Wild Fox

Tinni and Sniffer are the real life "Fox & The Hound," proving that a relationship can survive no matter what. Background, social pressure, even natural instincts don't stand a chance of blowing away the bond between these two.

It doesn't matter if Tinni grew up in a middle class suburb and Sniffer was raised in the woods, or if Tinni's parents don't approve of the way Sniffer lives, they're in LOVE!

Bubbles The Elephant and Bella The Dog

Bubbles is a 9,000 pound elephant, who rescued Bella when her owner abandoned her at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. I don't know if Bubbles is a woman or a man, but I've been looking for a partner to see me for the rescue dog I am inside.

Also, if I were to ever do an engagement photo shoot, it would be an exact replication of the kinds of photos that Bella and Bubbles take together.

I mean, just look. Brad and Angelina never held a candle to this on-screen chemistry.

Bea The Giraffe and Wilma The Ostrich

Bea, a 3-year-old giraffe and Wilma, a 10-year-old ostrich have become inseparable pals at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

I like to think of these two as like a prison gang. When the people of Busch Gardens shuffled all these animals to live in captivity together, these two set aside their age and species and bonded over what they had in common: long necks.


Now, when new animals come in, all the others tell the newcomers, "Oh those are the Longnecks. Don't fuck with them. They might seem peaceful and shit, but Wilma will fuck you up if you step on her turf."

I want a friend like Wilma.

Occy The Golden Retriever and Biggie The Duck

OK, so there are a lot of dogs on this list by now, but if you have a problem with dogs on a list, no one can help you. You need to help yourself, as quickly as possible, to a therapist.

Frances Marsh is the owner of these two angels on earth, and says they've known each other since they were babies. Not only that, she did the world a favor and captured their childhoods on YouTube.

Thank you, Frances.


What inspires me most about Occy and Biggie? The fact that Biggie has learned how to open his heart and be aggressively loving. Ducks are known for being real pussies. But Occy taught Biggie... how to truly be BIG.

In his actions, and in his heart. Through the power of LOVE.

I have TWO dogs, and I still can't physically touch someone with this much open-hearted vulnerability. Could Occy teach me this, please?

Rosalie The Pig and Chy The Bunny

I may not know the whole background story between these two, but the way they look at each other, there's obviously a connection.

They might even want to fuck, I mean honestly I could be wrong but the intimacy here is astounding.

Also, I don't think I've ever been in a relationship where the cuteness factor of both parties matched on a level like this. These two are the Kim and Kanye of unlikely animal friends.

If I was a member of the animal kingdom and I saw this post, I'd be like "UGH GOD GET A ROOM" but deep down inside, I'd be all "AWWWW I want a love like this!"

It's true; I do want a love like this.

Now the question is, who do I have to fuck to get loved the way this ostrich loves her giraffe friend?