7 Types Of Women Every New Mom Needs In Her Friendship Circle

by The SRSLY Girls

Who said Taylor Swift and her long-legged minions get to have all the fun? Every mom deserves a Mom Squad: a strong, capable support system to help her get through pre-school, potty-training and beyond. Here are five must-have personalities for a top-notch stroller posse:

1. The Google Mom

This mom won't let you worry about whether little Aidan has a winter cold or a sinus infection. She has a black belt in Googling and knows all the answers either from personal experience or in-depth research.

This mom will know which brand of baby food is the most nutritious, which playground has the best swing to slide ratio, which Kardashian is in trouble with the media and how many times you can watch "Peppa Pig" without going completely insane. And if she doesn't, she'll find out.

2. The Live-and-Let-Live Mom

The chillest mom ever, she never frets when her kids climb trees or eat dirt. ("It's good for their immune systems!") She's knows it's all gonna work out just fine, and she makes you feel a lot better about when you're lax on the rules.

She's is also the least judgmental. She won't fault you for your kids' public park tantrums. She's been there.

She doesn't waste time comparing herself to other moms, and she just stays in her lane. If you're panicking about whether or not your kid has enough extracurriculars to get into pre-pre-K, call this mom ASAP.

3. The No-Means-No Mom

This mom means business. She rules her kingdom with an iron fist, and even though we can't all live up to her Captain Von Trapp standards, it's inspiring to see the kids actually do as she says.

She makes sure that your fellow moms are punctual to their playdates and bring the required snacks. You want this mom in your corner for the times when you're feeling overwhelmed. She's not afraid of a little tough love on you, your kids or fellows moms.

Sure, she might seem too intense at times, but she's always there for you with a baggie of Multigrain Cheerios.

4. The Wide-Eyed Newbie Mom

It's important to have experienced moms in your squad, but a rookie Mom is just as valuable. This mom looks up to you and thinks everything you do is brilliant, which is just the ego boost you need every once in awhile.

She values your opinion and takes all your tips as gospel. It's refreshing to have someone appreciate your genius.

5. The “Whine and Wine” Mom

This mom is always ready to commiserate with your frustrations, lay out a few of her own and do it with a nice bottle of chardonnay. She's the mom you go to with hot neighborhood gossip, thoughts on last night's "Scandal" episode and achievements with sleep training. We raise our glasses to this mom.

6. The Deal Maven Mom

Organized and informed, this mom has no patience for wasting time or money. She's always got a BuyBuyBaby promo code handy, and her product reviews are on point.

Ask her what you should register for, and she'll send you a heavily researched, color-coded, annotated list. You want her in your corner when you've got Amazon anxiety. Who knew kids needed so much stuff? Plus, you know her hand-me-downs are dope.

7. Your Actual Mom

You know she has years of experience, and she'll love the chance to see your kiddos when you FaceTime her for advice.

If you don't have any of these moms in your Mom Squad, keep your eyes open at the playground and Trader Joe's. You never know where you might meet them.

And if you're lucky enough to have some of these moms in your life already, give them our regards. You're the epitome of #MomSquadGoals.

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