This Woman Picks Things Up With Her Vagina Because It's Strong As F*ck

As if we didn't have enough muscle groups to get "swole" by spring break, this vaginal kung fu master is toned from the inside out.

Kim Anami, a 44-year-old intimacy coach and vaginal weight lifter, travels the world lifting exotic objects weighing up to ten pounds... with her vag.

It's a feat of gynecological proportions, a testament to the strength of life-giving vessels everywhere.

Anami also claims she can have 20 orgasms in a row. Listening now? I bet you are.

Here's what we can learn from her Instagram feed: Using a piece of string tied to a jade egg, she inserts the egg into her vagina and lifts all kinds of things.

From a chandelier...

to a bowl of paella...

and a robust young coconut.

Her vag can lift jars of pesto, no problem.

Suspend pieces of history like pieces of cake.

And pump iron with the big boys.

The benefits of having a strong vagina are invaluable, Cosmopolitan reports. A stronger vagina means better bladder control, a glowing complexion, a heightened sexual appetite and greater emotional satisfaction.

But don't go lifting dumbbells just yet. Strengthening your vagina takes time and patience. Anami has been practicing vaginal kung fu for 20 years now and could be considered a master of the ancient Taoist practice.

So take your time and stay safe, friends. The journey to a ripped -- err, muscular -- vagina is a long but fruitful one.

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