Wisdom: Life, Camera, Action

Life cast you for this role. Give it your best shot, this is not a rehearsal. Face the fear, this is your movie: you are the star, director, writer and producer. So there’s a little pressure. Life is your magnum opus, it’s natural to be critical and constructive. This is your legacy.

“I am a creation therefore I was created and my creator is the communication I require to fulfill my role.” - Poarts

But save it for later. Firstly, be too creative. Make mistakes. Go big, and stay here. Save judgment for your completed masterpiece. We are too concerned with external opinion, we rely on other people to impart their 'WIS-DUMB' for our final cut. Turn away from the world and look into yourself. These are the days of our lives and you are the ‘Soap Opera’.

Your role has been crafted, molded and engineered specifically for you. There’s no understudy, only you can play you. Life is a stage full of chances to showcase the many characters you will play. Talent, much like your hands and feet, came with the package deal.

Skill is something you develop by giving life repetitive opportunities, when you confront risk, and the many takes and mistakes, we call experience.

Don’t question whether this role is for you. LOL, of course it is ,who else can play a better you than you? And the 'you' that 'you' play will always be the perfect part, with the best dialogue and with the most extraordinary performance.

Your performance is bound to have mistakes. Learn from them and live with the education only experience can give you. Consider the voice of the cast (your thoughts), when they are drafted from the sketches of love and abundance, not of fear and of inadequacy.

And when the reporters (your doubts and fears) ask these questions, reply boldly with one universal answer for them all.

Is my role big enough ? Is my part important ? Will I make mistakes ? Will the show go on ? Am I fit for this role ?

YES. You got the part. The job is yours, so let the show began.

"Life is a series of events captured and fragmented through the lens of my own media outlet" -Jamel Davenport

Jamel Davenport | Elite.