9 Heartwarming Reasons Your Mom Is The Best Friend You Could Ever Have

by Danielle Cuaycong
Warner Bros.

I can't recall the number of times people have approached my mother thinking she was my best friend.

Many people would feel rather uncomfortable having 22-year-olds approach their mom while calling her a "hottie." But I've always felt an overwhelming pride in how my mom and I just radiated best friend/soul sister vibes to the whole world.

While some may not understand the Lorelei-Rory relationship we have, I count myself incredibly lucky to have a mother who I can count as my best friend, too.

So, here's the ultimate list of why your mom being your best friend is actually the greatest thing ever.

1. She's a 24/7 best friend.

She's always been there for you and always will be. From bringing you on your first day of college to making sure your first kiss wasn't awful, your mama knows everything. You wouldn't want to have it any other way.

2. She's a shoulder to cry on.

Crying in public? We'd rather not.

Crying in your bed while stuffing your face with brownie ice cream with your mom telling you everything will all be okay? Sounds much better.

From crying over that boy who broke your heart to the C you got on your test in high school, your mom will always be there to listen and not judge.

3. She gives you the best love advice.

Whilst you may feel frustrated at your mom telling you your boyfriend isn't treating you right, she simply knows what's best for you. She's been there and can smell a bad boy a mile away.

4. You always have sleepovers with copious amounts of food.

Does it really count as a sleepover if it's at your house? Either way, nothing ever beats (your mom) buying junk food and getting a pizza to binge-watch your favorite rom-coms. It's cheap AND fun!

5. She motivates you.

Yes, it was frustrating being woken up at 6 every morning because you woke up late for school, but your mom simply wanted you to get out of bed.

Now, if you didn't get that promotion or you're just not feeling pretty, she still pushes you to keep on going.

6. She never gives up on you.

Even if you're stubborn at 4 am because you can't be bothered to catch your flight, she doesn't leave you there slumped in bed.

Instead, she keeps on waking you up, annoying the heck out of you until you actually get up.

While you may act stubborn and not want to tell your mom what's really going on, there's nothing like a mother's instinct and she'll do everything she can to make sure you're OK.

7. She loves you unconditionally.

No matter how grubby you look on a Saturday morning after that wild Friday night, your mom will think you're gorgeous. She loves you like no other and accepts all your flaws.

8. You can laugh about anything.

A mother's laugh is like no other. You share the same DNA, and chances are, you have a similar sense of humor.

Whether it's lusting over that boy you bumped into at the gym or cringing over your dad's corny jokes, you two can laugh about anything.

9. She'll take photos of you—everywhere.

While Regina George's mom only said, “I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!” your mom is actually the cool mom.

If you want to capture that candid Instagram picture of you on the beach, she'll take hundreds of pictures from different angles and different poses and you won't even feel embarrassed.

However, if it was someone else (even your boyfriend), you'd feel bad and just stick to that blurry first take. Thanks, Mom!