26 Reasons You Should Call Your Mom At Least Once A Day

by Gigi Engle

Your mom was your first friend.

As cliché as it might sound, she's been there for you through thick and thin -- standing behind you with Advil when you first tightened your expander; encouraging your dreams of stardom when you joined that terrible band; holding you as you wept over your first broken heart.

She's your biggest fan and never fails to brighten up even the most horrid of days.

There is no one quite as special as Mom.

Having a mother who supports you is the greatest blessing in life. It can be easy to take her love for granted because you know it's unconditional; she's always going to be there for you.


What you need to remember, however, is she's a person, too, with feelings of her own.

You might have all these fabulous friends in your 20-something life, but you need not forget, your mother is a better friend than anyone.

And, though she might not say it, she's definitely lonely now that you've left the nest.

She wants to hear your voice and is sincerely interested in every mundane detail of your chaotic life. She's just a phone call away.

Like it or not, she isn't going to be around forever, kid. Take your head out of your ass and appreciate the woman who made you. No one will ever love you as much as Mom does.

These are 26 reasons to call your mom every single day:

26. She always has your best interest at heart.

She has no ulterior motives. She's your mommy!

25. She's the only one who listens to you talk about yourself for 30 minutes straight.

She wholeheartedly encourages your narcissism, and you're all about that.

24. She'll congratulate you just for getting out of bed.

It is a huge achievement, and thus, you are amazing.

23. She'll never fail to make your day.


She always knows what to say when you're feeling like sh*t about yourself.

22. She made you, so you kind of owe her.

She carried you for nine months and then pushed your fat head out of her body. She deserves a phone call.

21. She gives the best advice.

There is no advice like Mom's advice.

20. You got it from your mama!

You have her to thank for that fine ass.

19. She tells it like it is.

Sometimes, Mama needs to give a little tough love and tell you when enough is enough with the pity party.

18. She's always in your corner.


When you need someone to vent to about your horrible boss, she's automatically on your team.

17. You'll feel more connected to her.

Especially for the moms who live far away, a phone call is the best way to stay close.

16. To complain about your life being in shambles.

When your friends are sick of hearing about it, and you're too poor for formal therapy, call on Dr. Mom. She has a PhD in “You.”

15. To gossip about friends because it's the only way they'll never find out.

You can't talk sh*t on your friends to your other friends. Your mom is a lockbox of secrets!

14. To complain, period.

No one else wants to hear about how much you hate everything and everyone.

13. She's your best friend.

She was your first friend; she's your forever friend.

12. She won't judge you.

She may disagree with some of your life choices (like your lower back tattoo), but she loves you too much to judge you.

11. To make you get started on that “to do” list.

The best way to ensure you make it to the grocery store and do your laundry is to first call Mom.

10. She knows you better than anyone.

She can speak with greater perspective than any of your basic friends.

9. She doesn't know how to text.

And, she rightly finds zero meaning in your half-hearted emoji.

8. She is more like you than anyone.

She shares your genes.

7. She has no reason to be anything but honest.

She's never going to lie to you because there would never be a need to lie to you.

6. She's lonely with you so far away.

Now that you've moved out, Mom has an empty nest. She needs your support after supporting you for 18 years.

5. She genuinely wants to talk to you.

Getting a phone call from you will be the highlight of her day. Doesn't knowing that make you feel special?

4. She gave you all that petty cash the last time you were home.

She funds your online shopping habit, so you should show some appreciation.

3. She needs girl talk.

She probably doesn't have a whole gaggle of friends or roommates sitting around, waiting for girl talk.

2. You can never talk to Mom too much.

You may be in your 20s now, living your big, hot-shot life, but you know you'll always need Mom's advice for basically everything and anything.

1. To tell her you love her.

'Nough said.