7 Reasons Why Your BFF Is The Best Travel Partner To Have When You're Single

by Tessa Harvey

In your 20s, people tell you a lot of things. They might tell you you'll meet some of your best friends in college, that you'll figure out what you want to do with your life, and that you'll meet your future spouse. They also love encouraging you to travel as much as possible. I can't be the only one who feels this way, right? Whether it's being supportive of a study abroad program, or suggesting a gap year after graduation, people love, love, love to tell you to see the world. And OK, they're probably right, but some people suggest traveling with your SO. But what about when you're single? When you don't have an SO, people tend to tell you to travel solo, which is all well and good, but there's also another option... and it doesn't involve staying home. You should still adventure to all of the places on your bucket list, but there's no reason to do it alone. In fact, being single is one of the best reasons to go traveling... with your BFF. While traveling with your SO is awesome (there's no doubt about it), there are also a million reasons why traveling with your best friend is so much fun.

So, if the two of you have been planning, dreaming, and scheming a trip together recently, here's your sign. She'll be the best travel partner you've ever had, from hiking up mountains, to beaching it up, to exploring beautiful towns and cities. You won't regret it. Here are seven reasons why your BFF is your ultimate single girl travel companion.

1. You Have Double The Wardrobe

Uh, this reason is a major plus. Traveling with the BF might be great and all, but you won't be reaching for his wardrobe all of the time. When you're with your main girl, it's given that the two of you have one closet. You also get to share two carry-ons instead of one.

2. She's The Best Dinner Date

Want to try everything on the menu? Split a new bottle of wine? Order several desserts to share? No biggie, because your girl is always on the same page as you. The two of you are, simply put, a match made in foodie heaven.

3. She Understands The Importance Of An International Shopping Spree

She's not about to judge you for splurging a little on a shopping spree while you're vacationing. In fact, she's probably right there with you, encouraging it a little too much. Of course you need that new sundress for dinner tonight, because it will look awesome with the pumps you packed. Duh.

4. She's Your Best Instagram Photographer

You can always count on your best friend to be there, camera in hand, for every candid moment. She knows your best angles, and she'll get a shot better than you even pictured. You know you'll have the best memories to look back on, even if she made fun of you a little bit for looking like a tourist.

5. You'll Learn So Much Together

From exploring new cultures to trying different foods, you'll spend time learning new things and gaining new life experiences. It's a bond you'll share together. That in itself will bring you all the more closer.

6. You Have Someone's Hand To Hold On The Plane

A bit of turbulence isn't going to put a damper on your travel experience -- at least, not this time. Even if planes are a big deal for you, you'll have your bestie's hand to hold and someone to remind you to take a sip of your drink and calm down, already. What would you even do without her by your side?

7. You'll Look Back On The Epic Memories Forever

Whether through pictures, notes, or shared midnight talks, you'll have someone to talk about this trip with forever. Even when it starts fading from your memory, the two of you can fill in the gaps for one another. There's no topping the bond you'll have.