Why Girl Friends Are The New Guy Friends


In modern society, we have engrained in us the notion that men and women cannot be friends. Such an idea owes to the 'fact' that men and women are completely opposite beings and have nothing in common. Many say that such a friendship cannot exist because in the end one person develops feelings for the other.

While there have been many girl and guy friend relationships that have gone sour due to the fact that someone catches feelings however, such a relationship can turn out to actually be symbiotic. Here are the benefits to such a relationship.

Having her on your arm provides far greater PR than having your "boys" around.

It always looks good if you have a girl by your side. Even if you are just going out for a few drinks with the goal of trying to court some women, it is more beneficial for you to go out with a lady friend than a group of bros. Your bros will be sure to make stupid comments that may deter your potential mate. You don't want to intimidate the girls around you by having your bros act immaturely and eventually scare off an potential talent.

You get the attention of other girls right away. The only way to surround yourself with beautiful women starts with one gorgeous woman.

A beautiful woman on your arm makes you more marketable and attractive in any social situation. You know how the saying goes "You need girls to get more girls," and this is truly one of the best benefits of having a girl as a friend.

There is nothing that helps you makes your presence felt quite like a beautiful lady attached to your hip. You immediately become attractive and all the girls' attention turns on you because they all want to outshine the lady you came in with. Nothing like using the jealous nature of women for your benefit.

Because it is purely friendship, you don't have to pay for dinner or drinks -- splitting the bill is acceptable.

With a girl friend you never get stuck with the bill. You can treat this like any regular friendship and split everything. It allows you to save money because you guys are just friends and it is expected of your girl friend to also put out when the bill comes. She knows her role and actually doesn't expect you to pay for everything, this is just as good as gold as you get to look good in any social scene, yet you save money.

They can serve as a personal stylist.

Sometimes we're busy and we don't really get a chance to pay attention to style trends. Some of our wardrobe may be a little outdated, but no worries. Your girl friend will always know the latest trends and she will be aware of where the best sales are. So just give her your credit card, tell her your measurements and let her go ham. You may have to buy her a little something as a thank you token, but who cares? Your whole wardrobe is instantly updated.

They give the best advice for sticky situations with other girls.

Men often get into sticky situations with other girls. What can be better than a real life coach to give you the best advice when needed? No sticky situation is impossible now that you have a female companion to get you through it. Because she is a woman, she understands the way women think and she will provide you with a retard-proof guide to get out of trouble and to make any tough predicament end up in your favor. Who doesn't need one of those?

You're first in line to be set up with any of her friends.

All girls have old college friends that may visit them throughout the year. Guess who gets first dibs on them when they are here? Obviously you do, since you are friends with their friend, you automatically get put into their good graces. Your girl friend will brag about you and actually advertise you to her friend. Sometime it may not work, but this increases your chances ten fold.

You get a better feeling of the dos and don'ts with girls.

Sometimes as men, we run into a wall when it comes to dates. Sometimes we don't have an idea as to what we want to do, not to worry, your girl friend is there to guide you. She will provide you with the dos and don'ts of dating. Once you step out of that apartment, you will be a closing machine all thanks to the tips your girl gave you.

If you ever want to take your eyes off the game, you can just look at her tits.

You are ever bored just chilling home and watching the game with her and your friends. Aside from the fact that she's not annoying and actually knows what's going on in the game makes the experience that much more enjoyable. If there is a commercial break, you will never bored because you can just stare at her rack. She won't mind, you guys are just friends.

She plays publicist to all of your girlfriends because girls always trust another girl's word over a man's.

She's even cool enough to give you good press around girls you knew for a while, but never got the chance to lay down the pipe. This is one of the most beneficial aspects to having a girl friend and it could really help you step your numbers up.

You guys may get drunk one night and transition into a friends with benefits relationship.

You guys both go out together and you're on the prowl, but after a night of much drinking and partying, who knows what could happen? You each may have not been able to court a suitable partner, but may still be horny as f*ck. You need to get yours and she needs to get hers. This may allow for the perfect opportunity as you guys are just friends, you understand that this is purely just to get yours and it requires no feelings.