8 Reasons Why The Only Child Makes The Best Friend You Could Ever Wish For

Andrew Robles/Unsplash

As an only child, I've heard the stereotypes about only children about a thousand times. I'm a bit spoiled, I don't know how to share, and I need extra attention. What else is new?

Whether or not some of these generalizations are true, it largely depends on an individual's personality, not their sibling-less status... so don't be too quick to judge.

In reality, only children are kind and successful people who make wonderful friends.

Here are eight reasons why the only child makes the best friend you could ever wish for.

1. You Will Always Have Your Own Space

Without brothers and sisters running around the house, the only child has a quiet, sacred space all to herself.

There will be no prying eyes or loud voices, just a space for the two of you to hang out and bond.

2. They're Wise Beyond Their Years

Aiden Meyer/Unsplash

Being around grown ups since childhood can make a kid grow up before their time.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, either. Maturity often means they're a responsible, trustworthy individual who won't give in to drama.

3. They May Have Less Family Drama

The only child will never have to deal with arguments over sharing her Barbie dolls at home, because she doesn't have a sister.

Between her and her parents, problems can most likely be solved a lot more efficiently than if a few other people were involved. With less family drama, she'll be able to focus more on her friends, including you.

4. They'll Give You Space

As an only child, I learned the value of time alone. It's an important thing for everyone to have every now and again to rest and reenergize.

I respect that time for myself and for my friends. If you ever need to step away, leave early, or put the phone down, I'll never be mad.

5. You'll Share A Closer Bond


Only children tend to be closer to their parents and immediate family because of their lack of siblings. They don't need to share time and attention, so they have much more of an opportunity to bond with those they love.

Being used to close relationships means they'll want that with their friends as well. This won't be an on-again, off-again friendship.

6. They're Less Competitive

Without siblings to fight with, only children may grow up with a pretty relaxed environment.

They won't fight you for your food or race to get the shotgun seat. You won't have to compare scores every time you go bowling, or see who can buy the best present.

When life isn't a competition, it's a lot more fun.

7. They'll Love Your Siblings Like Their Own

Growing up without siblings is both a blessing and a curse.

The curse is sometimes wishing they had siblings. The blessing is being able to spend time with yours, but being able to leave at any time.

8. They'll Love You Like A Sibling

Siblings often have super close relationships, as do friends, but for an only child, a best friend is the best of both worlds.