Here Are The 10 Perks Of Being An Only Child That Prove It's Mostly Fun

by Maybelline DeVera
Evgenij Yulkin

People have different notions about only children. When they figure out someone is an only child, they think he or she is sad, lonely or bored.

Others think he or she is an attention-seeking, narcissistic brat.

Yeah, all of these basic notions are very familiar for an only child. Most of these beliefs are not true.

But being an only child myself, I know what it's like to be one. It's not all fun, but most of it is.

You get extra special treatment and perks most people wouldn't understand. Sometimes, it can't be denied it gets annoying, too.

And when you get annoyed, there's just one thing to remind yourself that can turn everything around for you: that “being only is awesome!”

1. You basically get what you want.

You want something? Tell mom and dad, and you'll surely have it (with proper timing, though).

Or if you want to buy yourself something, there's no opinion of a sibling to prioritize.

You can basically have what you want.

2. You don't get into sibling fights.

Those scenes you see in movies or TV shows in which two siblings fight over some nonsense? You don't get to experience that.

When your friend bursts out in anger over his sister, you get to say to yourself, “Phew! Good thing I don't have a sibling!”

3. You are really, reaaally close with your parents.

To whom would your 'rents give their utmost love and attention other than you? And to whom would you give your whole attention other than your parents?

You no longer need to find some love and attention from others because you get it firsthand from them.

4. You get lots of gifts, gadgets and toys.

You are updated with all the trends.

Whether it's a gadget, toy or whatnot, you have it. Your friends know by the time a new model of iPhone is released, you are sure to own one.

And that is the reason most people misconstrue you to be “spoiled.” But what they don't know is your parents just want the best for you and nothing else.

5. You don't get into competition with siblings.

Having no siblings means having no competition in the family.

Not to generalize all siblings out there, but some sibs can't resist the temptation of jealousy and, thus, a competition arises.

6. You have great connections with fellow only children.

When you get into a conversation with someone and figure out they are also an only child, there's that connection.

It's something like a secret squad code, like a you-can't-sit-with-us thing that an only child can relate to.

7. You don't get hand-me-downs.

All of your stuff is firsthand; All of it bought just for you!

8. Everyone can be your sibling.

You consider your friends and cousins as your siblings. You don't feel the loneliness of not having a sib who can be your instant playmate or chitchat-mate because you have your friends and cousins to take those roles.

9. You are overly protected by your parents.

Since you are an only child, your parents do everything for your safety. Yes, even if you're already in your 20s.

That's how much they care for you. And you get filled with awe when you realize this (though it's kind of a hassle to introduce your guy/girl to them).


All the love, attention, and care are yours. Even if it gets irritating sometimes, you just can't deny it's heartwarming.

And when you get annoyed by all of these or if a hardship kicks your ass, you just have to think YOU ARE SIMPLY PRECIOUS and all those negativity will fade away.