Why Millennials Are Allowed To Be Offended

It cannot be denied that the Millennial generation, in a general sense, is a generation quick to criticize what is presented to us. Not everyone is personally invested in matters that have little to do with them, but we all seem to have an opinion whether we express it or not. In “Why It’s So Easy To Offend Gen-Y, Even When It’s the Truth,” a few reasons were listed as to why we are (apparently) so sensitive: We’re bored, we’re assh*les, we’re stupid, and we’re lazy.

Now, perhaps I didn’t do much today and perhaps I’m feeling a little mean. I’m also a university drop-out and I do love kicking back in front of my computer screen to marathon series on Netflix. So I suppose, in considering the above-mentioned article, it isn’t a surprise that a lazy, bored and stupid assh*le like me walked away from reading these reasons feeling pretty offended.

Truthfully, we do come off as a sensitive group. It seems everyone has an opinion about something that happened on TV or that a celebrity did, etc. While many things we talk about may seem trivial, I’d like to argue otherwise.

There are bigger things going on in the world, no doubt, but they are not always things that we deal with in our day-to-day lives. In our first world countries, we don’t hear about the conflict in Syria nearly as much as we hear Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” on the radio. We can all acknowledge what seems more important in comparison, but that doesn’t make a song that repeats “I know you want it” any less reminiscent of unjust, non-consensual situations.

Generations before us were not so fortunate as we are. When we don’t agree with something and have an opinion we are burning to share, we take to our social media accounts to make our thoughts known. This ability to share is something that Gen-Y is often judged for, but truthfully it is our greatest strength; we have a voice.

This voice we take the opportunity to share is what will ultimately inspire change. We are able to call out sexism, racism, homophobia and the like. We are firm in our convictions and do not sway easily to one school of thought.

So why is Gen-Y so sensitive? The answer is very contrary to what was explained in the article that precedes this: We are intelligent.

The “smaller-scale” issues that we often rant about are not irrelevant because there are worse things happening in the world. They are issues that will likely exist for years to come if we are to think of them as not worthy enough of our time. When we point these issues out, we draw awareness to them.

To be fair, some things are talked about a little too much. Some delve a little too far into the messages behind certain things. With our power to express our opinions, it’s easy to be a little harsh. However by telling our entire "sensitive" generation to stop being offended, it’s also easy to come to the conclusion that such opinions don’t matter.

The fact is that if you have a problem with something or someone, stick to your guns. Offense is not a sentiment that just pops up out of the blue. Do your research and get all the facts, but if you are not okay with something, make it known. If you’re feeling one way, chances are you are not alone.

Silent opinions don’t help anyone. Never discredit your thoughts and opinions because someone may think you’re just being sensitive. You are valuable, you are smart and you deserve to be heard.

Photo via We Heart It