The Importance Of Sometimes Losing Your Sh*t And Breaking Down Emotionally


When was the last time you cried? You’re too busy to cry, you say? You don’t have time to be sad?

When was the last time you laughed so hard you fell to the floor, overcome with how hysterical this whole dumb life is? You can’t remember? You probably don’t want people to see you like that, right?

When was the last time you just screamed as loud as you could, maybe for no reason and maybe for all your reasons all at once? You don’t do that? Well, why the hell not?

You don’t have to be put together at all times. Did you know that? Many people don’t. Many people think we must be "on" and presentable all the time, with coherent thoughts pursed on our lips and big plans spread throughout logical blueprints across our faces.

We must know what we’re doing. We must be emotionally stable. We need to appear okay to everyone around us. Apparently, we need to be robots.

Do you really think all people we admire in this world are composed 100 percent of the time? Hell, they’re probably not even composed 50 percent of the time. What we see on TV and in the newspaper isn’t how people actually are behind closed doors.

I’m sure even Oprah cries sometimes. Don’t you think President Obama occasionally closes his office doors, put his head down on his desk and questions every decision he’s made in his presidency?

Did you know it’s healthy to just lose it sometimes? That’s right, lose it. Lose your sanity; lose your sh*t. Lose your dignity; lose everything that makes you seem put together to everyone else. Become a great, big, gigantic mess, just for a little while.

We can’t be okay every waking moment of our lives. We’re chronic apologizers, and we feel the need to be sorry for being messy or emotional or lost. Stop being sorry for being human. Just lose it.

Lose it on the subway at 2 am and when everything seems awful because your tights are ripped, and it’s snowing and the boy you thought you could love kissed another girl at the bar.

Lose it in the middle of class when your computer crashes and you can’t afford a new one because you’re a poor 20-something who’s just trying to save up for a car.

Lose it because you can’t not be sad anymore and because it’s okay to be sad sometimes. Real life isn’t Disney World at all times. We can’t smile every second of every day.

Or, you could lose it because you’re happy; because you’ve never been happier in your entire life before this moment and you don’t know how to hold it in any longer.

You love your friends, and you’re exactly where you want to be. You found $20 in your pocket, you got to eat at Olive Garden today, and you just need to laugh, scream or cry hysterically about it all.

We don’t need to have our emotions neatly wrapped. Life gives way too many emotions, and we can’t escape the fact that we’re going to feel all of them, a lot, for all of the years we’re alive. We can’t stay composed forever.

You have to just lose it sometimes. You’ll feel so much less pressure, and you’ll lose some of that weight you carry around with you.

You won’t keep everything all bottled up only to lose it in a big way somewhere down the line. Let your emotions out every once in a while so they don’t wreak havoc when they all come out at once.

When we’re too emotional, people often say we’re crazy. We have too many feelings and we fail to keep them properly contained. Well, I’d rather be crazy than a robot, and I’d rather lose my sh*t in public than keep everything bottled up for the rest of my life.

It’s okay to unravel because, then, you’ll see where the knots are. You can untangle them, put yourself back together and carry on with your life. Lose it sometimes. Feel your emotions before you forget how.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It