Why It's Important To Stop Being Jealous

by Anonymous

Out of the many emotions we feel as humans, some are good for us, making life a more fruitful experience than it would have been if we didn't have the ability to feel anything. Others, on the other hand, are not so beneficial and are better off left on the sidelines.

One such emotion is jealousy, which never results in anything good. Both guys and girls get jealous from time to time, yet women seem to be on a slightly different level. Sometimes it seems like girls are programmed by nature to be jealous of each other for no particular reason.Any girl that is better looking or better off in any way will always be the target of judgment from pretty much all other girls around her.

Regardless of the reasons people let jealousy get the best of them, one thing holds true: jealousy does nothing other than hold you back, and the easiest way to be happy is to completely remove such negativity from your reservoir of emotions. Life isn't a competition of looks, money, or status. Being jealous of someone is just a waste of potential happiness and, most importantly, a waste of your potential!

The world is filled with amazing people.  If you travel the world, you will find a multitude of gorgeous ones, successful ones, ones with incredible style, others with incredible resources, or some in possession of something that you want and don’t have -- even people who seem to have an inexplicable magnetic pull on amazing things without putting in any effort.

The list doesn’t end and the entire population isn't your competition. And if you consider your peers more closely, you'll see that different people want and like very different things in life. Everyone has individual preferences and ambitions; a personal dogma. You can’t ever be everything to everyone, and what some people love about you, others might hate. So what’s the point in being jealous of a particular person, if their great quality is just a matter of opinion?

The main trait girls probably envy of each other is beauty. An attractive woman can pretty much drown in the spite her looks attract from her lady counterparts. But try to remember, being jealous of someone’s looks is just as unnecessary as any other type of jealousy because beauty and sexiness aren’t restricted by particular aesthetics.

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People are drawn to all different types of looks, and sometimes your attitude can make all the difference. When it comes to men, beauty is what might create the initial attraction, but it’s the character that will make them fall for you.

When a friend and I traveled to Monaco last summer, we had an interesting observation about appearances. While eating a much overpriced (yet pretty damn good) ice cream in Le Café de Paris, we saw two of the most stunning girls we had ever seen walk across the casino front and into the café.

Our jaws literally dropped in disbelief; they were that gorgeous. But what we were even more surprised to notice was that the men sitting around were as eager to smile and give us attention as they were to those supermodel girls.

The point of the story is that physical beauty isn’t everything when it comes to attraction; so many other qualities come into consideration. Being jealous is simply not necessary. How you make a person feel is far more important than how good you look to them at first glance. And everyone has the power to make someone feel good.

People are all just seeking approval from each other, and despite our intentions, insecurities can come off as arrogance, hatred, and coldness. We push each other away, when in reality we all want each other’s approval and support. As Jennifer Aniston once said, and we very much agree, “Jealousy is an unhealthy emotion.”

It is a weakness, and is only something that makes you unhappy and takes away your glow. No matter how amazing you are, there will always be someone who is better looking than you, smarter than you, more talented than you, more successful than you, and better off than you. By being jealous, you're only hurting yourself.

Let go of being jealous and you will feel incredible freedom. But this also isn't to say that you should just give up and let yourself go. Be amazing, but do it for you -- not for the purpose of impressing others, but simply to make your own life wonderful. Because that’s how you want it. After all, if you are jealous of someone, it's a sign that you aren't happy with your own life and that something needs to be changed to improve your situation.

Next time you spot an amazing woman, instead of thinking “that b*tch,” let her be an inspiration that motivates you make the changes you want to see for self-betterment.  And be happy for that girl! Being above jealousy is a virtue that we think is one of the sexiest qualities any lady or lad can posses.

There are far more important things to spend energy on than envy…

Like downing amazing ice cream in Monte Carlo, for example.

Top Photo Courtesy: Love Anon