Why Following Your Gut Is Always The Right Decision

by Lauren Martin

Life is hard. We make bad decisions every day and are constantly filled with regret. We go through life trying to make decisions based on rational thought and principle over gut feeling, only later to realize we should have listened to that deep gnawing in the pit of our stomachs. There is no worse regret than wishing you had just listened to yourself, because in matters of the heart and mind, our gut feelings shouldn't be ignored.

We all know what that gut feeling is. It's the feeling inside of us that we can't push down. It's that alarm that goes off with no warning, telling us something is wrong. Most women feel this most strongly when they are with a man. No matter how well a guy covers up, a woman will always feel it in her gut if he's cheating, just like a mother always knows if something is wrong with her child. It's an internal radar that connects us to one another and the rest of the world.

Aliaksei Kaponia
“Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. Just trust what you feel.” -Unknown

We feel the pull in our gut when something is wrong or right. It's there to tell us what the right choice is. It's that small little tug that lets us know when we are going in the wrong direction. It's also that tug that pulls us towards the path we were destined to take.

We have instincts for a reason. Every living thing on this earth has feelings and emotions. Dogs sense tension, loyalty, good and evil. Cats sense the bad in humans and stay away. We are all born with these innate feelings, they are our connections to the universe.

As you get older, there are more decisions in life that determine your future. There are more paths, more choices, more decisions to be made to pull you in certain directions. You may think that as you get older, you have more control over your life and the decisions you are making, but it's just the opposite. You should be noticing that we are victims of fate and destiny. We have a force inside all of us that's connected to something greater, pulling us in the directions we need to be pulled. So why ignore them?

Foster Addington

It's Always Right

It may not feel like the right choice at the moment, but in the long run you will see that your gut will never steer you wrong. There's a reason things happen and trying to fight against your instincts will only lead to you to the wrong place. There is no such thing as coincidence, things happen for a reason. The sooner you start believing in those inner feelings and listening to those internal heeds, the easier life will get.

You Can't Fight Fate

There is a force pulling at all of us and ignoring that force is just trying to fight an inevitable loss. You can run and ignore it, but you will only end up where you were supposed to be, it will only take a lot longer and lot more work to get there.

“You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.”-Eckhart Tolle

Life is so much harder when you don't listen to yourself and those deep feelings telling you what's right. You end up where you are supposed to be, and fighting against all the signs that pull you towards your destiny is ignorant.

You Will Be Free

No matter if you're an atheist or just a person of principle, there is something controlling everything and your gut is a connection to that higher being. Whether it's a God, a universal force or just some unknown entity, there is something that keeps the world running. If you let yourself go and trust the feelings and world around you, you can live in peace and just let yourself go. Life will be immeasurably better once you understand that you have no control over it.

It Never Lies

The right choices aren't always the easiest. People usually ignore their gut when it tells them to make the harder decision. They don't like to listen to their gut if it means consequences and tough outcomes.

When you were a kid and you did something wrong, it was always your gut telling you how to fix it. Most of the time it meant coming clean and accepting the punishment. For many of us, it was those early days of right and wrong that made us aware of that deep pain in our gut, letting us know there really is a pain to knowing what's right.