Why Bugging Out Is Actually Good For The Soul

We've all had them; they let us know that we are alive, that we are still feeling, that we are growing. They are signs that something isn't right, that you're not happy, that you need a break. As we get older, they slowly progress from everyday tantrums to monthly, yearly or decade-worthy meltdowns. With the stress of work, relationships and just life in general, it's only normal to feel the need to break down once in a while.

They come in different forms: you may freak out at your roommate for leaving the peanut butter out or just punch a wall, alone in your empty apartment. We watch celebrities who are forced to share their meltdown on screen, in front of paparazzi and splattered on tabloids. Their inability to cope for minutes, hours or days is a sign that they are losing it, that they are crazy. But aren't we all the same? We're all just humans and breaking down is a necessary part of life.

“Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.”- Charlotte Brontë

Many times you think you have control over when your breakdown will occur, but it can be a simple word or image on the television screen or subway ad that unravels you. It can be a fight with a friend or a cold word from your boss at work. Whatever it is, it's the necessary trigger for the epic blowout that needs to happen. Because, in a life full of competition, stress and bottled emotion, a good meltdown every now and then is healthy.

Everyone is a little bit crazy, and there are going to be times when that crazy needs to come out. It's a natural human process to need to let go of the superficial exterior fibers we've wrapped our lives in. If you do not take the time to have a meltdown, it will inevitably come out as something else, something much harder to handle.

Meltdowns are therapy. They are a way for the heart to release the heavy pressure weighing down on it, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It's a way to release yourself of the bottled up emotions, pains and regrets that pile up in the back of your subconscious. The embarrassment that comes after a meltdown of epic proportions is always high, but well worth it.

So if you live alone, or with a roommate, don't try to fight of the bubbling deep down that's dying to escape in heavy wails and tears. Let yourself go, have a meltdown, because they really are good for the soul.

It's Necessary

There is no way people can go through life always bottling up their emotions. It's neither healthy nor natural and there comes a time when everyone needs a release. Remember when we were kids and it would happen when our parents told us there wasn't any chocolate milk left?

Well, it's no longer caused by trivial inconveniences, but painful, real-life problems that will cause you about the same amount of anxiety and pain as missing chocolate milk. However, this time if you don't have your meltdowns when you feel them creeping towards the surface, you will explode in an undesirable location.

It's Cathartic

With all the emotions you feel on a daily basis, getting them all out in one large dramatic session is very cathartic. Let all the times you wanted to scream at work, or cry around your friend who just got engaged, come out. Let the death of your mother, father, sibling be mourned. Let the pain you feel have its deserving moment.

It Clears Your Head

There is always a reason behind a breakdown. Maybe it's just been a long month, maybe you've been holding onto a breakup that you can't let go. Whatever the reason, the breakdown is there to let you know that something isn't right, that you're unhappy. The meltdown is just a clear sign that it's time to stop pretending and face how you really feel.

It's A Fresh Start

Breakdowns are good for clearing everything out and starting again. It's like making a mess before you finally clean up. It's the final party on your dingy college floor before you finally realize it's time for a good cleaning. Much like your disgusting college frat house, your mind needs a good clean sweep. You can't possibly keep a certain level of sanity without letting out all of the crazy once in a while. Think of it as a spring cleaning for your heart, mind and body.

It's Fun -- Back To The Roots

Sometimes it's just exhilarating to have a good cry. With all the pent up emotions, forced smiles and alternate personalities, it's fun to unleash the beast. Sometimes you just gotta let the crazy out and go wild. Maybe it's a way of getting back to your roots, those childhood days when it was okay to scream about missing Pokemon cards and gummy bears.

Top photo: Entourage/HBO