Learn From The Waves: How Humans Can Always Relate To The Sea

Today, I am awestruck by the serenity of nature. The breaking of the Australian waves against the rocky Eastern seashore has a soothing effect on all who take a moment to observe them.

Steadily, each wave splashes up and over the rocks that line the beach. The waves never once show a sign of letting up.

The rocks on the beach tell a story about how the waves have shaped them. Their stories stretch back in time to many years ago.

If you had your whole life to sit here on the beach and observe the waves coming in, I’m sure you could slowly see the rocks transform as the waves brush against them. It’s the worn character of the rocks that makes them so beautiful to the eye.

The longer I stare out at the waves coming in, the more I see the waves like life and all of us like the rocks.

The waves of life come rolling in without ceasing, sometimes quietly, while other times, storming in over our heads.

I know it goes without saying, but each trial we experience in life shapes us to some degree. It’s the waves of life that chisel our character.

I think a lot of us get tired of the way life continues to roll in and change us. Sometimes, I think we just want the waves to let up for a while. Our burdens may often feel like more than we can bear, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it's we can’t always trust how we feel.

I believe we can receive the strength we need to do what we are born to do, even if it doesn’t feel like we have what it takes during those times when life comes crashing in over our heads.

Many of us walk around with broken hearts and battered bones. Feeling like life has drained us of all we have, we can easily become stuck in the "Slough of Despond," as John Bunyan puts it in "The Pilgrim’s Progress."

Here at the Slough of Despond, a state of dejection renders many from ever tapping into their higher calling. They, instead, hang their heads low as they walk back to the more ignoble places from which they began their journeys, denying they have what it takes to press on.

The storms of life are responsible for washing away the courage of many men. Life’s trials and tribulations will undoubtedly shape us, but we should not allow these storms to take away the hope we have.

The rocks I observed today on this Australian shore seem to be making everything okay. They have been fighting these waves for thousands of years. It sounds a bit cheesy, but I want to be like one of these rocks.

My hope for us all is the waves of this life do not cause us to lose sight of the strength available to us. I hope we can carry out our callings, and make this world a better place for ourselves and others.