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This Quiz Will Tell You What Kind Of Drunk You Are

Let's say your best friend called you last night and said: "Oh God, I was so drunk last night."

Pretty obvious statement, right? There's no beating around the bush or trying to decipher what she "means" by that. She means she drank too much and got wasted. That's it.

But there's a pretty specific image that comes to mind when she, in particular, says she got drunk last night. Drunk her is different from sober her. And you know exactly what it is that differentiates the two of them. Even if you weren't there, you can guess with a pretty high accuracy rate exactly what sin from last night she is about to confess to you.

Similarly, if you called her and told her the same thing, she would know exactly what "drunk" meant for you. And probably have a pretty clear idea of the antics you got up to before you even had to confess anything to her.

For example, I'm a boring drunk. I don't do ANYTHING. And the drunker I get, the more boring I am. I don't talk a lot, and I usually excuse myself to get home by 9:30. In high school, they even nicknamed me "Early Bird." Yeah, I told you. Not cool.

So when I tell my friends "I got so drunk last night," they know that just means I drank too much and probably awkwardly stood at the party for awhile before I decided to go home and go to bed.

But then there are my friends who are social drunks. The ones who have to be seen and heard by everyone and anyone at the party. OR the ones who are flirty drunks who count the night as a total fail unless they get a guy. OR sloppy drunks who can't go a night without getting kicked out of some sort of venue.

So what type are you? Take this quiz and find out.