What Deleting A Person From Social Media Really Means

by Aksa Manzer

Deleting people on social media highlights one of the most pervasive first world problems that our generation experiences. Have you ever evaluated the amount of energy and time you invest in deliberating on whether or not you should delete Person X? No matter your answer, any amount of time you devote to this task is crazy.

While this topic may seem frivolous in nature, in today’s plugged-in world, deleting people from social media has become nearly equivalent to completely eradicating them from your life.

Confrontation has largely fallen to the wayside as a mode for handling relationships because, after years of living behind screens, many people now lack the courage that face-to-face encounters requires. Plus, deleting someone from social media communicates a harsher message.

Pros of deleting people off social media:

If you truly don’t want anything to do with someone, why allow him or her to linger on your personal social media accounts? It doesn’t make sense to see what someone is doing constantly if you genuinely don’t like the person. And if the person genuinely doesn’t like you either, then deleting the relationship online may be a good choice.

Deleting someone from social media can communicate a strong message, especially in breakup situations. It shows that you’re moving forward, independently so. Plus, why would you want to put yourself through the misery of seeing an ex’s happy photos, partying with people you don’t know? In cases such as these, if you truly want to get over your ex (or anyone with whom you’ve had a bad experience) it is best to delete the person.

Cons of deleting people off social media:

Deleting people can be extremely dramatic. You make a statement when you delete someone, so be sure you actually seek to cut the person out of your life. If you try to re-add the same person down the line, you’re going to come across as silly and feeble.

There are many instances in which people keep their exes (or people they loathe) live on social media feeds both to appear as strong and to prevent drama. If keeping someone active on your social media feeds does not affect you, then, by all means, don’t delete and don’t draw attention to yourself. Send them positive vibes through your smiling photos on your online profiles. They’ll know you’re okay and strong.


Do whatever it takes to move on. If something leads you to consider deleting someone off social media, then the person being deleted probably has an idea why. Regardless, deleting someone on social media is the modern way to say “I don’t want you in my life,” and this issue should not be taken lightly.

Photo credit: Shutterstock