Dejan Ristovski

11 People Reveal The Weird Sh*t They Do With Their Families


Our families are the foundation for our weirdness. They are the reason we are the way we are. They were the first people to know us, so they clearly know a lot about us.

And families are f*cking bizarre when no one else is around. The level of comfort that we have with our families is unlike any other. Your family literally has to love you no matter what, because you're blood-related.

I'm really close with my family. My siblings are my best friends. We frequently discuss anal sex, f*ckboys, and all of life's other adventures in our group chat, which we've named “Narnia Motherf*ckas.” Why "Narnia Motherf*ckas"? Well, that's easy.

We each identify with a different, distinct character from "The Chronicles Of Narnia." I'm Aslan, obviously.

Gigi Engle

My point is I do weird f*cking stuff with my family that they wouldn't dream of doing around other people. You never stress about crossing the line, because there is no line to be crossed. All the sh*t flies, because they've seen the sh*t go down.

Luckily, no one is alone in this. We're all collectively bizarre with our families. Here are some real people on the weird stuff they do with their families.

Read on. Laugh, cry, relate.

1. Farting contests and other trashy games aplenty.

— Maria*, 32

2. Eggplant emojis that mean something entirely different to you.

Ali, 23

3. The coolest families had their own languages.

— Nikki, 29

Tina, 23

4. Inside jokes are the best, especially if they're about poop.

— Alexia, 22

5. Oh, those wonderful, f*cking strange family traditions.

— Chloe, 21

6. Family dinner-table talk is always so classy.

— Zara, 29

7. Having a sibling means having someone to f*ck with constantly.

Eitan, 26

Eitan Levine

8. Poop pictures breed closeness.

— Evan, 26

9. This is so freaky to think about, but then you think about it and it seems fine.

— Jessica, 23

10. Families who sh*t together stay together.

— Rina, 27