13 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl With A Big, Dysfunctional Family

by Gigi Engle

It can be a little intimidating to date a girl from a big family. You’re not just dating a girl you really like; you’re dating a girl with a bunch of people who would destroy you if you broke her heart. It’s a lot of pressure, I know!

You also have a lot of people to win over, and that can be exhausting. She doesn't have just one brother or sister; she has a bunch of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins. You have to be able to adapt and go with the flow if you ever want to fit in.

Though this can be a little nerve-racking, a girl with a big family is actually the perfect person to date. She’s fearless and forthcoming. She knows what she wants and what she's about.

She’s sociable. She knows how to make a point and tell a story.

She's the kind of girl who is loud, confident and full of love. She is offering you not only herself, but also a whole new group of fantastic friends.

Her family might be outrageous, but you have them to thank for the incredible girl you see before you.

Here are 13 reasons you should date a girl with a big family.

1. She knows how to share.

If there is one thing a girl with a big family knows about, it's sharing. From never having her own room to watching her sisters steal her clothes, she is very accustomed to the idea of “What’s mine is yours.”

You’ll never have to worry about her being possessive. She’ll just as quickly feed you from her fork as steal one of your t-shirts.

She doesn’t even have it in her to be selfish because she grew up having to share absolutely everything. When nothing belongs to you alone, you never get too attached to anything material.

2. You’ll never be bored.

Forget boring family dinners and obligatory game nights with your girlfriend’s stiff father and overindulgent mother.

When a girl has a big family, going to a family function is like going to the best party of your life.

Instead of dreading spending time with her family, you’ll start looking forward to these gatherings.

You never know who is going to get drunk and throw a punch, what outlandish stories you'll hear, and where the party will be by the end of the evening.

3. You’ll end up making a whole new group of friends.

Once you’re in with her family, you are IN. It may take some serious effort to get in their good graces, but once you do, you’ll end with some of the greatest, most interesting friends of your life.

People with big families are always the most fascinating people in the world, because they were forced to form individual personalities in a sea of chaos.

4. She has perspective.

She won’t get wrapped up in petty bullsh*t; she’s been dealing with people since the day she was born. She's a big-picture thinker.

When you’ve been living in a rambunctious family your entire life, you just don’t sweat the small stuff. She's the kind of girl who can always talk you down and help you to see things rationally.

5. She has the best stories.

You can bet that your girlfriend is going to have a LOT of amazing, hilarious and relatable stories. Growing up with a lot of siblings and cousins is the ultimate way to build adventure and leadership skills.

Her childhood was marked by experience and risk. Her storytelling skills are definitely top-notch; she’s been holding the attention of a crowd since she was a kid.

6. She's very loyal.

The ultimate healthy relationship is the one you have with your best friend. And you can bet that a girl with a big family is one hell of a friend. She learned how to be a good friend from an early age.

She’s very loyal, and she knows how to stand up for the people she loves. She’s selfless, loving and always charismatic. She is someone you know you can count on.

7. She can stand up for herself.

A girl with a lot of siblings sure knows how to stand up for herself. She’s got Grade A argumentative skills and can throw a mean right hook when she needs to.

She would never be meek. She would never be your doormat. She couldn’t have gotten by in a big family if she didn’t grow a thick skin.

8. You’ll be forced to step up to the plate.

A girl with a big family can be intimidating. She comes with a lot of backup. You know that dating her really means coming through -- because if you f*ck this up, you have an army on your hands.

When you’re forced to really step it up and are willing to go there, you’re showing that you have the stuff to handle any situation. If you’re down to make the effort, she is so worth it.

9. She’s confident.

She has a strong sense of self. She has been going against the grain and trying to stand out for a very long time.

She also has a lot of support, which has helped to build her self-confidence. When a girl grows up with a whole group of people who have her back, she’s never worried about rejection.

Her family will always be there to catch her if she falls. She'll dive into your relationship gung-ho and without fear.

10. She’ll never take herself too seriously.

Her siblings call her on her sh*t. She isn’t too wrapped up in herself. She knows how to be silly and goofy. She won’t ever be afraid to be herself with you.

She’s a genuine girl. She has a whole group of people who love her just the way she is. She doesn’t have to worry about impressing people.

11. She isn’t needy.

She has stable roots. When she has a problem or needs advice, she goes to her sisters, brothers and cousins. She has an awesome support system.

She’s with you because she WANTS you, not because she NEEDS you. You won’t ever feel smothered, because you’re never going to be the only thing that’s important in her world. She’s got plenty of love to go around.

12. Nothing scares her or freaks her out.

No matter what you're suffering from, she's already coached a sibling through it. Trust me. She’s seen everything under the sun. No baggage is going to be too much for her.

She’ll never judge you, because she’s inherently understanding of other people.

She’ll be there to support the weight of your problems, not fault you for them. You never have to worry about being anything less than 100 percent honest with her.

13. She can love unconditionally.

When a girl has a big family, she is a pro in the art of unconditional love. She has a big heart that's full of love for all of the people who love her right back.

Since she knows how to love unconditionally, she will learn how to love you in that unconditional way, too.