Why Most Of The Weddings You Attend Usually End Up Sucking

Andrijana Kostova

You may have packed your wedding guest list filled with as many friends and family members you can think of, hoping each and every one of them will be filled with glee and joy to attend your big celebration.

But if you want to know the truth, there's a good chance a big percent of your guests are dreading your wedding.

Maybe they aren't dreading the whole thing (nobody will complain about a free open bar and free food), but there are definitely parts that will have them rolling their eyes and checking the clock to see when the whole thing will finally be over.

You want your wedding to be anything but a hassle or a snoozefest for your guests.

So, how do you plan a wedding that meets your expectations, but also keeps your guests happy and truly excited to be there?

Well first, you need to know what your guests' pet peeves are when it comes to weddings.

Check out what these six guests dreaded the most about the weddings they've been to:

1. The Dance Floor

I'm not a dancer. I avoid nightclubs as much as I can because I find it awkward just standing around when my bros go out there and fist pump or dance. At weddings, though, the dancing is unavoidable. If you're not on the dance floor, then you are sitting at your table with a look of misery on your face, and everyone is constantly asking if you're OK or if something is wrong. Nothing is wrong. I just don't want to spend a night dancing to songs that are lame with people's family and friends I hardly know.

– John, 26

2. The Endless Gifts

Wedding make me broke. It's that simple. I dread getting an invitation in the mail because it just means dollar signs. I spend money I don't even have on gifts for people whom I am hardly good friends with anymore. Nobody tells you this, but being a wedding guest can cost a ton of money. It's impossible to make it out of a wedding without spending a couple hundred bucks or a thousand if you have to travel.

– Jackie, 31

3. The Generic Timeline Of The Day

Every single wedding I go to is, like, the exact same. All my friends have such cookie-cutter weddings. I can literally close my eyes and know what is going to happen next. People always ask me how so-and-so's wedding was, and when I think about an answer, I can't even remember what their wedding was like. All these weddings seem the same. I'd like to go to a wedding where it didn't feel like a wedding and felt more like a party with some real personality and normal food.

– Breanna, 25

4. The Awkward Reception Convo

My wedding pet peeve is having to sit at a table with a bunch of strangers and make conversation with them the whole night. I go to weddings to get drunk and have fun doing whatever I want, not to be forced to make friends with people I'll never talk to or see again. I beg people getting married to do away with assigned seats and let people just sit wherever they want. What is the big deal with that?

– Paul, 25

5. Getting Hit On By Old, Drunk Uncles

People are always telling me I will find love at someone else's wedding. Like how romantic, right? Except, the only people who seem to hit on me are the older drunk uncles, like the ones who are in their 60s and want to spin me around the dance floor. It's quite gross. I never meet any young single hotties. Just old, old guys who make me want to barf.

– Chrissy, 23

6. The One-Hour Religious Ceremony

The ceremonies at these weddings are the worst. They are so boring. There is no open bar to swing by beforehand, so I end up sitting through the ceremonies while tapping my feet and waiting for it to be over. I've tried to skip some of the ceremonies and just show up in time for the cocktail hour, but a couple of times, the bride and groom caught me and weren't so happy. I'm just not about listening to a religious or sappy ceremony. I go to weddings to party.

– Gregg, 24