What The Way You Smoke Your Weed Really Says About You

by Julian Sonny

To most weed smokers today, a joint really ain't sh*t. Sorry, Wiz.

That's because when it comes to getting baked in 2015, it's not just about the type of strain, but how you're actually burning your flowers.

From exotic roll-ups like Backwoods to skillfully-crafted glass pieces, AKA a bong, we've gotten to the point where we're basically charging our weed and smoking it out of computers.

What you may not know about all this, though, is your choice says much more about you than just how you like to get blazed.

It speaks to the person you truly are, is a reflection of what you went through in childhood and, just maybe, can predict where your future is headed. Maybe not, though.

A Bowl Piece

You like to pace yourself and always need to save something for later.

While you have no problem sharing, you mostly like to stay dolo and do your own thing at the crib, or at least off in the corner.

You're a thinker and a dreamer. You probably read mad books.


You constantly need to stay active so you always look for the next best thing to give you a competitive edge.

You're a quick thinker and make decisions on the fly, which is your most impressive trait.

You drink mad coffee and have a tendency to spaz out on your friends -- which is really not cool, though. Chill with that, bruh.

Blunt Wraps (ie: Backwoods, Dutches, Swishers, Game)

You're the type of person who eats cereal for dinner and drinks 40s for breakfast. You're f*cking awesome!

You really don't care about these haters and will consistently take the most risks, which reaps you the most rewards.

But those same risks keep f*cking you over, too. Oh well!


You really not tryna do anything today.

Apple Bong

You're #VeryNature, have been eating your veggies since before it was cool and are resourceful in everything you do.

You're a bit sheltered and don't like to try anything new and exciting. You're boring, but hey, somebody has to be.

Glass Bong

You respect art and live luxuriously but still want the most bang for your buck.

The reason you can save money is that you're good at rationing it and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Once you do decide to take a risk, though, you break your damn bong.


You're adventurous and love to live life. You also like to stay clean and never put anything bad into your body.

You like to do sh*t like rock climbing, would try anything at least once and always put yourself in compromising situations for no damn reason. There's a 99 percent chance you're white.

G Pen

You're an outcast, a black sheep, a loner and all about convenience.

You feel like a zombie all day long, but that's just because you're smoking way too much wax. You never know when enough is enough.

Your friends may start to alienate you after a while, but this is the life you chose. Just don't forget to charge that sh*t.


You're a zero-100 person who does not think about the repercussions.

You get tired of  doing things easily and are looking for the next rush. Once you find that, your addictive personality starts to kick in.

You can no longer differentiate simple things like your right and left sock or if you're drinking Hawaiian Punch or orange soda right now, which is, of course, the beginning of the end.

Joint Papers

You're a classic person who doesn't get easily swayed by those around you. You stay the same no matter what.

You don't listen to the outside noise and, as a matter of fact, you usually have your headphones in. You know what you like in life and won't change up for anybody.

You also smoke all the other sh*t I mentioned above.