Lifestyle — Low-Key Ways You Can Stop Wasting Money On Stupid Sh*t

Stop it. Stop spending money on things we both know you don't really need.

Being a good budgeter isn't about taking action as much as it's about eliminating bad money habits and frivolous spending.

Just because your favorite store is having a blow-out sale doesn't mean you should stock up on random things you don't need. You're still spending money, even if you're getting a deal. And, for the love of God, stop wasting money on bottled water.

If this isn't you, read no further. You clearly have life figured out, and you put away at least 50 percent of your paycheck every two weeks...

...yah, that's what I thought.

Don't get salty, though, just check out these 11 ways you can easily fix some of your sh*tty spending habits.

1. Buying coffee

Who isn't guilty of this? Instead of spending $3.21 on a grande iced coffee from Starbucks every morning, you can either brew your own coffee at home and take it to work or just buy the big jugs of ready-made iced coffee.

Either way, you're going to save a significant chunk of change by skipping the morning trip to Sbucks.

2. Buying water

If I had a dollar for every bottle of water I've purchased over the years, I swear I'd be a very rich man. Well, I'd probably be less in debt. At most places you grab lunch, a cup of water is free. You just have to ask.

If it isn't, most offices provide water free of charge. Just bring a big, reusable bottle with you and fill that puppy up for the day. Seriously, stop buying bottled water.

3. Getting rounds of drinks for all your friends

I used to be this guy. I'm a nice guy, a crowd-pleaser. So, naturally, I'd be the one to buy a round of drinks or shots or whatever, only to wake up with a huge tab and a huge hangover.

Fun fact: You'll rarely get that round back from your friends. If you buy a round for you and six friends, you should hypothetically get six free drinks after. Has that ever happened to anyone? Stick to taking care of yourself and maybe one other person.

4. Taking unnecessary transportation

I'm not telling you to walk three miles in the snow to get to work, but if your apartment is within a mile of your office, you may want to stretch your legs and save the metro fare. Not only will you be saving money, you might lose some weight, too.

If I'm telling you to walk to work, then you know I'm going to tell you to stop Ubering everywhere. For many, the warm weather is finally here. You have few excuses to pull out your phone and have the life sucked out of your bank account.

5. Buying food

We all know we're going to eat out and order in, but there are levels to this sh*t. If you bring your lunch and breakfast from home, you're probably going to save anywhere from $90-$120 a week.

If you go grocery shopping and cook dinner at home, that's another $75 or so a week. Do the math, kids. There's no reason to eat out for every meal every day of the week.

That being said, it's important to grocery shop like a pro. Don't buy things just because you might want to eat them. Make a list, make a plan and execute it.

6. Buying new gadgets instead of fixing existing ones

Spilled coffee on your computer? Just because you think it's dead, and the guy at the Apple store says it is, doesn't make it true. He wants you to buy a new MacBook.

Go to a tech repair store where they don't try to make a substantial profit off you and see if your computer can be rescued. It'll be a hell of a lot cheaper than replacing it. The same can be said for cell phones and other gadgets.

7. Buying name brands

Ugh, this is such an easy one. There is no real difference between the CVS-brand Ibuprofen and Advil!

The same goes for bandages, soaps, sponges and a slew of other products I know you have at home right now.

8. Going into every store you walk by on the street

It's simple. If you can't walk into Sephora or H&M and not spend money, then don't go in unless there's something specific you need and intend to purchase.

If you're someone who has a bit of a spending problem, then you know you're going to find something to spend money on in stores like these. Cut out the temptation altogether.

9. Leaving electronics on

The hair straightener. The cable box. You may not think these things are costing you anything, but check out your electric bill after making a conscience effort to turn these types of items off when they're not in use.

Thank me later.

10. Throwing away change

We're all guilty of this. Carrying around change is annoying, but if you save that change, you could eventually use it to pay for your next meal.

And, if you really can't stand to carry it around, give it to the homeless. Don't just throw that loose change away.

11. Skimping on things you shouldn't

As I said earlier, you should choose generic products over brand names most of the time. However, when it comes to major things in your life, cheaper may not be better. A computer, a couch or a bed, for example, are products you're going to be using the hell out of, so they should be of the best quality you can afford.

Don't buy the latest Sleep Number Sleep IQ bed when you can't afford your monthly student loan payments, but don't pull in a mattress off the street either.

For more on what it's like trying to budget, check out the video above.