If You Want Men To Be Feminists, Stop Saying These 5 Things To Them

Over the last few years, Feminism has started to take on the positive connotation it deserves. More and more people are coming into the light and seeing that feminism is synonymous with gender equality. It's not a bad or dirty word. It's not about women hating men. Simply put, feminism is a way of thinking and behaving that sends a message saying, “Women are EQUAL, not better or less than men.”

This concept is becoming an easier one for women to adopt. It's easy for us ladies, who are, in many instances, the oppressed, to realize that gender equality is good for both sexes. Most ladies get feminism.

Now that brings me to men. An overwhelming number of men in America still think of feminists as undesirable, man-hating, angry ladies. Evangelical windbag Pat Robertson describes his views on feminism in an interview as, "A socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."

I can assure you, boys, that the only things that makes me -- a feminist -- angry about men is when they think like that.

Statements like Robertson's make me think our society is doing more harm than good when speaking to the men in our lives about gender. We constantly use derogatory language regarding women when we talk to and about men.

If a man gets sad, then he is a "p*ssy." Fathers yell at their sons and tell them “men aren't supposed to cry.”

These phrases hurt our men and women because we are teaching them that weakness and vulnerability are bad qualities, and that they are to be associated with being a woman. Ergo, being a woman is a weakness.

We can't allow the men in our lives to think this any longer. We must change the way in which we say things so we can empower the men in our society to be proud of equality.

So let's talk about some phrases that need to be banished…like now.

1. “Man up, son.”

When fathers see their sons showing signs of weakness, they tell them to “man up.” So men, what is the logical message you send when you say that?

“Son, toughen up. Stop acting like such a woman!”

Saying this to our sons, brothers, friends and husbands only says that we are OK associating women with weakness.

And if there is one thing I know, ladies are strong as hell.

2. “Men aren't supposed to cry.”

Vulnerability is a GOOD thing. Men being able to cry freely is a way that we can let them know they can crumble and be OK afterward.

Emotion is not just a good thing to show, it's the mature choice to make when things get tough. Bawl your eyes out boys. It's SO good for you.

3. “Stop acting like a p*ssy.”

This is a doozy for me. P*ssies are fabulous. They are strong, magical, sensual vessels of womanhood. So when you call someone a p*ssy as an insult, you are once again equating having a womanly characteristic as a negative.

Cut this one the f*ck out.

4. “Dude, bros before hoes.”

Two things: 1. I am not a HOE. Stop calling women (no matter what they choose to do with their bodies or sexuality) hoes. Women are not hoes.

2. He is not your bro if he thinks it's OK to call a girl a hoe. Drop the douche who chooses to refer to women as hoes, immediately. He is undoubtedly altering your perspective of women by labeling them as such.

5. Anything referring to the “friend zone.”

Being put in "the friend zone" implies that a woman could have been yours but was too much of a bitch, so she rejected you.

I get it, she didn't like you, didn't want to f*ck you/date you/go to lunch with you. She doesn't owe you that. You aren't being put in some shameful corner of the world known as the "friend zone," she just doesn't want you like that, dude.

Grow up, move on, and stop acting like a child throwing a tantrum when a girl doesn't want to sleep with you.

In this day and age, understanding that feminism is beneficial for all sexes is easy information to get a hold of. Choosing to remain ignorant about women's equality is an immature and, frankly, unacceptable choice.

I will say our society's rhetoric has made it difficult for men to be able to adapt to the concept of gender equality, but that can no longer be an excuse. Men, women are tired of being objectified, talked down to and violated. So adjust the way you speak to each other. It will seriously de-fog your understanding of the female sex.

EVERYONE ELSE, make it easy on men to understand why women's equality is a positive for all of us. Change the way you relate to the men in your life, and I promise, the ones who are having difficulties, will get it.

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