This Quiz Will Tell You The Perfect Vacation Spot For You and Your SO


Whether you've been dating for two years or two months, figuring out where to go on vacation with your significant other can be pretty difficult.

I mean, it's hard enough just deciding what kind of food to get for dinner... and then trying to agree on a restaurant to go to.

Going on a trip with your partner is a big move. If you've never traveled together before, it can seem intimidating to plan something.

It's entirely possible you'll get really annoyed at each other's travel habits. Or maybe you haven't spent all that much time alone together, and you're just not ready for the intensity of it.

It might be unpredictable, but if you let fears like that rule your life, you probably wouldn't have had the courage to start dating in the first place!

But instead you got together -- no matter how many awkward conversations it took to get there -- and things are, assumedly, rosy.

So why not go on a vacation together?

Summertime is basically made for trips to beautiful locations with people whose company you enjoy.

If you're having trouble thinking of somewhere to go, this quiz will give you a suggestion based on your habits as a couple.

Take it together to find out where you should travel this summer. Or, you can take it separately and see if you get the same answer. (If you're willing to test your relationship like that!)

The world's a big place, and these are just a few dream suggestions of fabulous places you can explore as a couple. Take it as a final decision or a jumping-off point -- the world is your oyster!