What The Upcoming Occultation Means For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Rosey Baker
Pete Marovich/Getty Images defines an occultation as “the passage of one celestial body in front of another, thus hiding the other from view: applied especially to the moon's coming between an observer and a star or planet.” More often, we call this type of an event an eclipse, although it's true that we mostly apply it to the moon and the sun in a solar eclipse. So what is an occultation, and how does the occultation affect zodiac signs?

An occultation is the event of the moon obscuring our view of another planet, such as Pluto, Saturn, or Venus. We don't hear much about it in astrology, although when you consider the massive influence of the moon on our day-to-day lives, it might be beneficial to start paying more attention to occultations, as this planetary movement has some strong astrological implications. Each planet has a lesson to teach us, and the moon (which represents our subconscious and learned knowledge) is hiding this lesson from view.

This month, on Sept. 18, there will be an occultation of the planet Venus, which governs love, beauty, and creative pursuits. Depending on your birth chart, Venus is in a different House, and those houses represent a different area of your life. This won't be an event we can see with our eyes, but perhaps if we tune into our own energy and the energy of those around us, we might begin to understand the significance of this astronomical event on an astrological level.

Depending on your birth chart, the occultation of Venus on Sept. 18 will affect your life differently, because it'll be taking place in a different house. Just look up your birth chart, and look to see what house Venus is in. As an astrologer, this is my personal interpretation of where this occultation could be felt most strongly in your life.

First House Venus

First house Venus will feel this eclipse in an intensely personal way. You may be feeling as though you don't know what matters to you right now, and it could be difficult to make decisions because your personal values could be a little clouded.

The eclipse may put an end to one set of values you used to hold dear, and in the meantime, you could be feeling like you're in the hallway of life, waiting to see what takes its place.

Second House Venus

Having Venus in the second house of possessions could mean that you either lose something of material value to you, or you finally purchase something that you have been saving up for.

Either way, expect to gain or lose something around this time when it comes to your material possessions. You tend to place a lot of your sense of security around material things, so you need to spend this time considering what part of your childhood made you place so much importance on these things.

Third House Venus

Venus in the third house of communication, thought, and technology means this eclipse could result in some mind games. Be very tactful in your expression, because it could be likely that there are some misunderstandings around your intentions.

Beware of submitting to someone who lures you in with superficial flattery, and resist the urge to manipulate others with the same tactics.

Fourth House Venus

The occultation of Venus in your fourth house of domestic life will affect your home life. You could have some unforeseen expenses around your home come up and need to make some repairs, or there could be an argument or misunderstanding between you and a family member or someone you live with.

Eclipses bring endings and beginnings, so it could also be that you're able to clear up a misunderstanding that has been messing with your home life as well.

Fifth House Venus

If your Venus is in the fifth house, the occultation could be a good time to revisit a creative project. The moon's influence brings strong subconscious insights, and since creativity is fueled by the subconscious, the project in question could benefit from an added depth coming from this period.

If you're not in a creative profession, now would still be a good time to do some vision boarding, as the fifth house is associated with the goal-oriented sign of Leo.

Sixth House Venus

Sixth house Venus people pour love into their daily responsibilities and show their affection in very practical ways, by running errands for their loved one or leaving helpful reminders around the house. Their compassion is of the detail-oriented variety, and they excel at designing plans.

The occultation of Venus in this house may put a temporary hitch in your day-to-day responsibilities. Now is a good time to adopt a pet (pets are associated with the sixth house) or to put the finishing touches on a work project you've been waiting to present.

Seventh House Venus

Venus is in its natural home in the seventh house of love and partnerships: diplomatic, business-related, or romantic. Be cautious on Sept. 18 not to bend over backward in order to keep someone you are in a partnership with happy.

The danger of having Venus in this house is sacrificing your needs in order to keep the peace. If you are entering into any kind of business partnership, you'll need to make sure you don't jump to sign anything for a false sense of security. Make sure you are actually happy with the arrangement, and that your needs are being met.

Eighth House Venus

The eighth house is the house of death, rebirth, the cycle of transformation, and all things associated with it. With the moon's influence, your tendency toward drama and passion could be stirred up on Sept 18. Be wary of anything that feels as though it triggers a subconscious response from you, and channel that energy in a productive way, through meditation or visualization. Otherwise, you could be prone to self-destructive tantrums you might later regret.

Ninth House Venus

Ninth house Venus people love adventure, and this desire leads them to pursue sensations rather than deeper feelings in relationships. When Venus is being eclipsed by the moon, you might feel your desire for freedom start to creep up in an unexpected way.

You could meet someone who tempts you away from your current squeeze, or if you're single, you might meet someone visiting from a foreign country that you spend a passionate night with. Either way, you must be careful to balance your desire for adventure with your desire for domestic security.

Tenth House Venus

Venus in the tenth house people pride themselves on the recognition they receive for their work. You may even feel as though you are married to your career, so having the moon obscure Venus on Sept. 18 will most likely lead to a moment where your emotions get in the way of your relationship to your work somehow, or to those you work with.

You might, for a moment, feel as if you lose the calm, composed demeanor you pride yourself on. Remember that every so often, it's a good thing to lose yourself, to reveal your innermost feelings, as this leads to growth.

Eleventh House Venus

The eleventh house is the house of friendship, organizations, and group activities. This eclipse of Venus could most likely lead to a watershed moment in which you decide to end your relationship with a group you associate with, or it could enhance your relationships within that group. Eclipses generally bring something to an end, making room for new beginnings, or at the very least it makes clear your true feelings about an issue that has come up between you and an organization you work with.

Twelfth House Venus

Venus in the twelfth house of secrets, dreams, and delusions will most likely be affected by the occultation through a revelation, or a "waking up" of some sort. When Venus is eclipsed by the moon, those with this Venus placement will see how their feelings about someone might have clouded the facts about that person.

If you have fallen for someone who is unavailable to you emotionally, this eclipse of Venus could actually lead you to accept the reality of the situation and to finally give it up. At the least, having the moon's influence here could lead you to ask the question of what childhood wounds might have led you to seek out people who make you work so hard to feel loved.