9 Ways You May Unknowingly Be Ruining The Wedding For The Bride

A bride's wedding day is one that she hopes to cherish and remember for the rest of her life. She wants to bask in the beautiful centerpieces and eat the exquisite cuisine that she spent weeks — no, months — picking out.

So whether you're a guest or a bridesmaid, beware of the different ways you could single-handedly make her day go from magical to messy. Wondering how that's possible?

Here are nine ways you could ruin a bride's wedding and how you can make sure that absolutely doesn't happen:

1. You get mistaken for the bride.

Think you can zip on that white, cream or even champagne-colored dress and head on over to your pal's wedding? No, please don't. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to think you're the bride or for the bride to think you're stealing her thunder by wearing her color.

2. You start a brawl.

Mad because someone stepped on your toes while you were getting down on the dance floor? Angry because someone spilled a little bit too much of their rum and Coke on you at the reception? Keep it to yourself.

A wedding is no place to cause a scene and start a fight. It's a place of celebration and a time to just be joyous. So, let things slide and make it a personal goal to not be escorted out of the reception by the bride's dad or the venue's security guard.

3. You confess your love for the groom.

We've all watched "My Best Friend's Wedding" one too many times and will never forget the scene when Julia Roberts finally musters up the courage to spill her feelings to her best friend, who happens to be the groom of someone else he's marrying that day.

It's not a good idea to confess your love for the groom on his wedding day. If this is something you can't seem to get over or handle, maybe RSVP no to the wedding so you don't have an urge to object during the ceremony.

4. You speak up at the wrong times.

A couple of glasses of bubbly is all it may take for you to have the liquid courage to grab the microphone and toast the happy couple.

But unless you were asked to give a speech, don't hog the bride and groom and their wedding guests' time with your drunken rant. Write it down in a card instead.

5. You bring an uninvited guest.

If you weren't given a plus-one, it means you have to show up solo. Think you can sneak someone into the wedding because the guest list is over 200 people? The bride will know and then freak out over your wedding crasher.

6. You take advantage of the open bar.

Just because the booze are free doesn't mean you need to overdo it. If you do — and you might — try not to get too rowdy. If the bride catches you passed out in your salad plate, you may lose a friend for life.

7. You grab the wrong bouquet.

Even if you adore the centerpieces and love flowers, keep your hands off them until the wedding is over. If you notice the venue is tossing the flowers out, you can take them home. But before the party is over, it's off-limits to touch those flowers.

8. You spill your drink on the bride.

When you go to wrap your arms around the bride for a photo or a dance, keep your drink far, far away. The last thing you want to do is spill your drink all over her $4,000 wedding dress.

9. You post a photo too early on social media.

Can you spot the bride before she's even walked down the aisle? Keep your photo to yourself. The last thing you want to do is post a photo of her and her wedding look before the groom or the other guests have had a chance to see her.